Signing Black in America 28 min.

This is the first documentary about Black ASL: the unique dialect of American Sign Language (ASL) that developed within historically segregated African American Deaf communities. Black ASL today conveys an identity and sense of belonging that mirrors spoken language varieties of the African American hearing community. The program highlights the different uses of space, hand use, directional moveme...

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2021

New! Asian Americans 300 min.

This series traces the story of Asian Americans, spanning 150 years of immigration, racial politics, and cultural innovation. It is a timely look at the role that Asian Americans have played in defining who we are as a nation.

Formats: Streaming Copyright Date: 2020

New! Breaking Ground 57 min.

In an era of U.S. expansion, new immigrants arrive from China, India, Japan, the Philippines and beyond. Eventually barred by anti-Asian laws, they become America’s first “undocumented immigrants.”

Formats: Streaming Copyright Date: 2020

New! Breaking Through 54 min.

At the turn of the millennium, Asian Americans have become the fastest growing population in the U.S. It is a time of tremendous change, as the country tackles urgent debates over immigration, race and economic disparity.

Formats: Streaming Copyright Date: 2020

New! Generation Rising 57 min.

During a time of war and social tumult, a young generation fights for equality in the fields, on campuses and in the culture, and claim a new identity: Asian Americans. The aftermath of the Vietnam War brings new immigrants and refugees.

Formats: Streaming Copyright Date: 2020

New! Good Americans 57 min.

During the Cold War years, Asian Americans are simultaneously heralded as a Model Minority, and suspected as the perpetual foreigner. It is also a time of ambition, as Asian Americans aspire for the first time to national political office.

Formats: Streaming Copyright Date: 2020

New! A Question of Loyalty 57 min.

An American-born generation straddles their birth country and their familial homelands in Asia. Family loyalties are tested during WWII, when Japanese Americans are held in detention camps and brothers are on opposite sides of the battle.

Formats: Streaming Copyright Date: 2020

New! Urban Love Poem 26 min.

Explore San Francisco's history, from the Gold Rush and early Chinese immigration to the rise of Silicon Valley, through Marilyn Chin's poem of her San Francisco youth. Guests include Maxine Hong Kingston, Randy Komisar and local residents.

Formats: Streaming Copyright Date: 2020

New! Masculinity Uncovered 49 min.

In this daring new film, men open up to discuss what masculinity means to them. British Artist Ajamu X makes intimate photographic portraits, based on their experiences, to get them to rethink the way they see their bodies and themselves. The men talk candidly about the pleasures and physical realities of the penis from sex and masturbation to erections. They also share experiences of infertility,...

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2020

New! We're Still Here 57 min.

First Nation indigenous hip hop artists in Canada lead efforts to right long-standing social injustices, heal personal traumas, and preserve their cultures through the power of music. The film examines the important role that hip hop plays in transforming the lives of the musicians, their audiences, and communities. Weaving together interviews, live performances, and street demonstrations, it give...

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2020