Neanderthal, Part 1 56 min.

Ella Al-Shamahi, Andy Serkis, and a group of experts create a scientifically accurate 3D working avatar of a real Neanderthal.

Formats: Streaming Copyright Date: 2018

Neanderthal, Part 2 55 min.

In the studio, Ella and her team of scientists reconstruct an experiment to discover whether the perpetrator of the world’s oldest murder was a Neanderthal or a modern human.

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Woman in the Iron Coffin 56 min.

In 2011, construction workers uncovered the remains of a woman in an abandoned lot in Queens, New York. This program follows a team of historians and scientists as they investigate this woman’s story.

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First Civilizations: Part 1 54 min.

War addresses the paradox that good comes from bad. The threat of destruction engenders a sense of fear, but also creates tighter bonds within a community, while driving an arms race of technological progress. This happened in the Zapotec civilization in Mexico, but also with the Teotihuacan civilization which overthrew the Zapotecs and emerged as the first superpower of the Americas.

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First Civilizations: Part 2 54 min.

Religion examines the power of a shared belief system, which serves as the social glue to unify a population within a single state. Nowhere was this truer than in Ancient Egypt - still the world’s longest lasting civilization - which depended for its stability on the god-like status of its rulers.

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First Civilizations: Part 3 54 min.

Cities investigates the symbiotic link between urban living and civilization—there have been no cities without civilization, no civilizations without cities. The world’s first settlements were in Mesopotamia, where the emergence of farming created the calories necessary for people to feed themselves on a permanent basis. This led to an exponential increase in population and a blossoming of innovat...

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First Civilizations: Part 4 54 min.

Trade explores the civilizing effect of buying and selling goods. In particular, the Indus Valley Civilization—on the borders of modern-day India and Pakistan—was seemingly created with the single purpose of encouraging the free flow of trade. The knock-on effects were massively beneficial—an increase in wealth, co-operation and trust.

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First Face of America 54 min.

Discover the extraordinary remains of a 13,000 year-old teenager in an underwater cave in Mexico.

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City In The Sky 180 min.

At any one time, there are around one million people airborne somewhere in the world; that equates to an entire airborne city - a 'city in the sky.' Straddling whole continents, the fabric of this extraordinary construction consists of the 100,000 flights that crisscross the world every single day. Take off around the world, on the arc of an actual journey from departure to arrival, to uncover t...

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Pitching Up 16 min.

In this video, Ireland's ancient sports help integrate immigrant children, the majority of whom who speak neither English or Gaelic, into the Ballyhaunis community. Migrants from Pakistan, Eastern European, and African Communities, come to the town to apply for asylum. Darran Conlen, a local policeman welcomes their children and teaches them the traditional Gaelic games.

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