Criminal Justice & Law

New! Pretextual Stops: The Strong Case for Them 23 min.

Showing two traffic stops of a suspected mass killer done on a pretextual basis that turned out to be successful for information gathering, this program presents information on the U.S. Supreme Court ruling justifying pretextual stops by police officers. The video features Chief Ed Delmore of the Gulf Shores P.D., who has over 40 years of experience in law enforcement and training. Delmore discuss...

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New! 60 Years At Age 15: Anthony Villalon Then and Now 38 min.

This video tells the story of teenager Anthony, who was sentenced to 60 years in prison at age 15. This video looks back at Anthony's first few years in prison, as he was preparing to turn 18 and move from a prison cellblock of 54 boys to the adult prison population of 3,000 adult inmates. We then see Anthony 13 years later as a 30 year old man, discussing how his life had changed after more than...

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New! Inside the Uvalde Response 54 min.

The real-time accounts of the response, missteps and trauma in the Uvalde school shooting. Using official body cam and audio, with ProPublica and The Texas Tribune, a reconstruction of the chaotic response at Robb Elementary and the lessons learned.

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New! 24 Hours Inside a Juvenile Detention Center: How Detention Staff and Kids Interact With Each Other 26 min.

This program features raw footage captured by documentary camera inside a juvenile detention center, following detention officers and kids who are locked up while awaiting court hearings. The video shows the unfiltered world inside juvenile detention, the every day aspects of life on the job as a detention officer, and also looks back at teenager Kevin and detention center supervisor Jamie as the...

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New! 24-Hours as a Juvenile Inside Adult Prison 12 min.

This video features scenes inside a "Youth Unit" cell block inside an adult prison, where all kids under the age of 18 who are sentenced as adults must be "sight and sound" separated from their adult counterparts. In this unit, kids spend 24 hours a day inside this one cell block, where they do everything from preparing lunch, to hanging out in their cells, to education classes. This video also fe...

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New! 60-Years For Killing Parents: NYT Magazine Journalist Visits Prisoner Who Became Friend 96 min.

Author and NYT Magazine journalist Scott Anderson befriends a man, Greg Ousley, who was 15-years old when he was sentened to 60 years in prison. In this interview inside Greg's prison, Scott and Greg meet face-to-face for the first time in several years. Scott interviews Greg about everything that has transpired in his life since the time of his incarceation at age 15, including the New York Time...

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New! First Hours Inside Juvenile Detention: The Intake Process - Brothers Arrested and Locked Up 64 min.

This video looks at the intake process inside a juvenile detention center in northwest Indiana. Scenes includes police arriving at the center with teens in handcuffs, and two of the teens—brothers—going through the intake process. Intake includes two intake probation officers conducting interviews with the boys before they are escorted back to the cell units, showered in, and put into a cell. Orig...

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New! Interviews Inside Juvenile Prison Segregation Unit: Teenager Stedman's Story and Officer Tour of Seg 30 min.

In this video, we look back at a teenager named Stedman as he served time in the segregation unit in a juvenile prison for attacking another teen inside the prison. Stedman talked to us from the segregation unit's outdoor "rec cage", a razor wire area where teens in segregation get to spend one hour a day. The rest of the time they are locked in their cells: 23 hours a day, seven days a week. This...

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New! Kids in Adult Prison First Day Inside: Intake, Move-In, Interviews - Harrison and Gabe's Story 45 min.

This video takes an unprecedented look at the process involved as two 17-year old boys arrive in a prison van to be processed into a maximum-security adult prison. Cameras capture the entire first day inside, from going through the intake unit where they are processed and given prison clothing, to walking the prison yard to the youth unit -- a cellblock inside the prison that houses all kids unde...

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New! Kids in Prison Segregation: What Our Cameras Saw - Kenneth's Story and Attempted Escape 33 min.

This video features an interview with a teen prisoner who attempted to jump a juvenile prison's razor wire fence when he became despondent about his life and incarceration. During an interview with the teen from his cell, he discusses a tragic childhood filled with child welfare placements, institutionalization in a mental hospital, and suicidal tendencies. Originally filmed in 2009, the program...

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