Student Athlete 89 min.

An HBO Sports documentary produced in collaboration with LeBron James, Maverick Carter and Steve Stoute. Student Athlete examines the complex rules of amateur athletics, and how they affect uncompensated athletes and their families. Each year, student athletes generate billions of dollars for universities and private companies, yet a vast majority earn nothing for themselves and leave school with...

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Trigger Warning: Safe Spaces Are Dangerous: A Debate 78 min.

Long hailed as bastions of intellectual freedom where ideas and opinions are openly exchanged, universities have recently come under attack by those who claim that a new generation of students and administrators are restricting speech in the name of inclusion and political correctness. At the heart of this debate is the question of "safe spaces"—places where students can be free of racist, sexist,...

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2018

A Dangerous Son 86 min.

One in 10 American children suffers from a serious emotional disturbance and over 17 million have experienced a psychiatric disorder. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Liz Garbus, A Dangerous Son focuses primarily on three families in crisis, each struggling with a child’s severe mental illness and desperately seeking treatment in the face of limited resources and support. Interspersed with inte...

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Nature Dazzles 29 min.

In this documentary, children and teachers were interviewed at The Grove Community School in Toronto during Gender Splendor week in April 2017. The film shows the children engaged in workshops designed for both non-binary-conforming and cisgender-identifying children. The workshops provide them with tools to ponder, question, and defy gender stereotypes prevalent in society, culture, and the media...

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Columbus in America 90 min.

This film explores how the man who first brutalized indigenous people in the New World became a hero, and questions his place in American culture. With instant access to information, students today are challenging traditional representations of Christopher Columbus, bringing issues of imperialism, colonialism, racism, greed, religion, and human rights into sharp focus.

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Recovery High 19 min.

A unique school's main entry requirement is that students must be addicts. This ABC News film introduces the lives of three students with three different addiction battles.

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Video Games Will Make Us Smarter: A Debate 96 min.

Do video games make players smarter? As these games grow in popularity, some game creators are tackling global issues, such as poverty, climate change, and international diplomacy. Playing these socially and politically oriented games, they argue, allows users to build tangible skills in handling crises and solving critical problems. But others see the multibillion-dollar gaming industry, dominate...

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Charter Schools Are Overrated: A Debate 97 min.

Since 1991, when Minnesota passed the first charter school law, companies and individuals have established private schools using public funds. These private charter schools caught on across the country and have become a highly sought-after alternative to traditional public education, particularly for underserved students in urban areas. From 2004 to 2014 alone, charter school enrollment increased...

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New to Our Collection! Frontline: A Subprime Education 54 min.

Correspondent Martin Smith returns to the story of for-profit colleges to investigate allegations of fraud and predatory behavior in the troubled industry. The colleges say they're expanding access to education and preparing students for success, but Smith finds that, in many cases, they're just collecting money and leaving students in debt, without degrees and unprepared to face the job market. "...

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School Revolution 1918-1939 86 min.

In a traumatized Post-World War I Europe, educators believed a world without violence was possible. Figures like Maria Montessori and Celestin Freinet profoundly changed ideas of education.

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