New! Give Feedback About Body Odor 10 min.

"Give Feedback about Body Odor" is a video to help develop skills to tackle the hard task of telling someone they have body odor or bad breath – a surprisingly common problem faced by many people. But how do you tell them in a way that doesn't upset or offend them, and create even more problems? It is challenging and must be dealt with quickly but sensitively. Discussing this issue can be embarras...

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New! Amanda Gorman - 2021 Inaugural Poem (Great Speeches, Volume 33) 8 min.

Poet Amanda Gorman delivers a critically acclaimed performance at the Inauguration of President Joe Biden

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New! Great Speeches (Volume 33) 76 min.

This series presents Greta Thunberg's speech at the UN Climate Action Summit, Joe Biden's Inaugural Address, Liz Cheney's speech to House concerning her party’s stripping her of her position, Harry Truman's 1948 DNC Acceptance of nomination, Margaret Chase Smith's presidential run announcement, and Amanda Gorman's 2021 Inaugural presentation.

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New! Greta Thunberg - United Nations Speech (Great Speeches, Volume 33) 7 min.

Noted environemental activist Greta Thunberg delivers an important address to the United Nations.

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New! Harry S. Truman - 1948 DNC Acceptance (Great Speeches, Volume 33) 27 min.

President Harry S Truman delivers a fiery address in acceptance of his party's nomination for the 1948 Presidential Election

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New! Joe Biden - Inaugural Address (Great Speeches, Volume 33) 24 min.

46th United States President Joseph Biden delivers his inaugral address

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New! Liz Cheney - Speech from the House Floor (Great Speeches, Volume 33) 9 min.

Conservative Congressional Representative Liz Cheney delivers an address to the US House of Representatives regarding the actions of President Donald Trump

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New! Margaret Chase Smith - 1964 Presidential Announcement (Great Speeches, Volume 33) 6 min.

Margaret Chase Smith delivers an historic announcment of her candidacy for the 1964 Presidential Race

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Talking Black in America 142 min.

This documentary series explores the most controversial and misunderstood language variety in the United States: African American Language (AAL). With the perspectives of everyday people and the guidance of?historians, linguists, and educators, the series showcases the history of the language, the symbolic role it plays in the lives of African Americans, and the tremendous impact on the language a...

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New! Al Sharpton - Eulogy of George Floyd (Great Speeches, Volume 32) 44 min.

In the wake of National outrage over Police Violence, reknown Civil Rights activist Reverend Al Sharpton delivers an empassioned Eulogy of George Floyd who was killed by Minneapolis Police.

Formats: Streaming Copyright Date: 2021