Music & Dance

New! Music Videos that Defined the 00's 49 min.

The emergence of new technologies like YouTube and social media meant that the 2000’s were an era where bands and artists redefined what was possible for the music video. Alongside this directors like Garth Jennings, Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry found that advances in special effects gave them more scope to fulfil their vision.

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Music Videos That Defined the 90s 43 min.

Learn about some of the most beloved and bemusing 1990s music videos. The 1990s is a period often considered the Golden Era of the Music Video. It produced many of the greast works by some of the most creative directors: Michel Gondry, David Fincher, and Spike Jonze. This special features over 25 iconic tracks from the 1990s.

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Music Is My Passion: Part One 73 min.

This collection includes seven enriching, short documentary films created to support teachers, encourage parents, and promote community engagement in music education. Introducing music from the Renaissance through the 21st century, this invaluable series features rarely heard music from a broad range of performers, music styles, and ideas. The seven segments include an inspiring teacher performing...

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Keeper of the Beat: A Woman's Journey into the Heart of Drumming 57 min.

This is an award-winning documentary on the life and music of Barbara Borden, an acclaimed and pioneering drummer, composer and teacher. It tells her inspiring life-story in eloquent words and toe-tapping music.Keeper of the Beatweaves footage fromShe Dares to Drum,Borden’s autobiographical “percussion play” and other dynamic performances from the last four decades with interviews with noted artis...

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Masters of Rhythm 28 min.

This half-hour documentary, shot in Peru, stars three of the world's finest percussionists: Lalo Izquierdo, Cotito and Huevito. As they play the cajón drum, sing, dance, and talk, we learn about the rich culture of Afro-Peruvians.

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Dancetime! 500 Years of Social Dance 1 46 min.

This video looks at four centuries of Western social dance history. Authentic re-creations of the dances teach the viewer about socializing and romance in past times. Dancers in period costume introduce historical context and explore how many social dance styles migrated from Europe to America, such as Italian Renaissance formalism, French Baroque classicism, and 19th century Romanticism. The vide...

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New to Our Collection! Rocktopia: A Classical Revolution - Live from Budapest 70 min.

This enthralling live concert celebrates a unique fusion of classical music, classic rock, and opera, with original arrangements drawing from Elton John, Mozart, Journey, Strauss, Aerosmith, Heart, Beethoven, Pink Floyd, Copland, and The Who, and many more, telling the universal story of the human condition in the way that only music that has touched the hearts of multiple generations can.

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Duet 54 min.

On film and on stage, the duet is an open invitation, an opportunity for a dance, whether through a stirring expression, an outstretched hand, an arm around a waist, or an idolized body. A key feature of classical ballet and ballroom dancing, the duet still constitutes the very basis of choreographic work for all dancers. Whereas the solo is an act of resistance, inquiry or self-questioning, the d...

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Group Dance 54 min.

All choreographed genres, from scenic dance to folkloric and tribal dance, feature group dance, whether the group is made up of three or thirty dancers. From the Farandole to the chorus line, from dancing in a ring to mass-anarchy, from the rigours of the ballets corps to the flamboyance of Bollywood, all group dance enjoys a highly communicative, communal energy. Dancing together, sharing music a...

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Let's Dance 162 min.

Between eclectism and accessibility, this series traces the outline of an original history of dance in the 20th century, striving to show how it is rooted in society. The three programs examines the creative process of solo, duet and group choreography, and in doing so, sheds light on the elements that have forged their history

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