Philosophy & Religion

Ganden: A Joyful Land 79 min.

Likened by Buddhists to the Vatican City, Ganden is considered the most influential monastery of Tibetan Buddhism. Monks lived in the monastery for more than 500 years before a brutal invasion drove them to India. Ganden: A Joyful Land is a look at the lives and remembrances of the remaining generation of monks to have studied at the monastery in Tibet where the Dalai Lama’s lineage began.

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Creating Christ 110 min.

Did Roman Emperors create Christianity? Discovered archaeological evidence now links the first Christians with ruling elites of Rome. A conspiracy to end the great conflict between Jews and Rome changed the course of history. This secret revealed here!

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Diaspora Nations: A World of Altered States 78 min.

This series explores the history of the Jewish and Chinese Diasporas.

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Episode 1: Ancient Origins (Diaspora Nations: The Jewish Diaspora) 24 min.

The Jewish diaspora is the world’s oldest. Jews began leaving Israel nearly 3000 years ago with the invasion of Judea by the Assyrian Empire. The destruction of the Jerusalem Temple in 70AD caused the dispersal of many Jews to other parts of the Middle East and North Africa including Alexandria in Egypt and Algeria. Jewish communities then established themselves in the Iberian Peninsula and in Eu...

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Episode 2: Holocaust and Homeland (Diaspora Nations: The Jewish Diaspora) 29 min.

The Holocaust caused massive displacement. Immigration to the United States after World War II coincided with a massive economic boom. Jews who had moved in family groups and were quick to learn English prospered in the garment trade in particular becoming one of the most successful of America’s many diasporas. The creation of Israel has created a religious and cultural friction amongst the Jewis...

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Manji 40 min.

Manji follows Reverend TK Nakagaki, a Japanese Buddhist priest living in America for the past thirty-five years, as he travels the globe on a mission: to reclaim the swastika as a symbol of peace.

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The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life 13 min.

This audiobook presents Durkheim’s classic argument explaining the origins of religion. The highly original thesis argues that when we worship God, we are really worshiping society. God and society are one.

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Should We Separate the Art from the Artist?: A Debate 52 min.

Suppose you learn that one of your favorite artists, musicians, or authors has done something horrible, such as committed murder, advocated genocide, or engaged in some other reprehensible act. How do you respond? Do you reject the art they have created, or accept it as an entity in itself? Some argue that we should appreciate and revere great works of art as the masterpieces they are regardless o...

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Episode 1: In Plain Sight (Reclaiming The Throne) 92 min.

Our journey for answers begins, and many are in our own backyard.

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Episode 2: Beyond The Rivers of Ethiopia (Reclaiming The Throne) 147 min.

This episode examines the rich Hebraic roots of West and Central Africa.

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