Philosophy & Religion

New! The More We Evolve, the Less We Need God: A Debate 90 min.

Does God have a place in 21st-century human affairs? For many, the answer is yes. Belief in a higher power is the foundation of human consciousness, they argue, and helps drive social, political, and scientific progress. Further, some claim, humans require faith to lead moral lives and are genetically predisposed to embrace religion. Others are far more skeptical. No evidence of God exists, they a...

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Liberals Hold the Moral High Ground: A Debate 98 min.

Do conservative or liberal philosophies lead to more just outcomes? Opposing definitions of morality have long fueled debate over America’s policy goals and national identity. For conservatives, morality is often grounded in ideals such as patriotism, including a respect for order and authority; fairness and liberty in the sense that an individual’s actions yield just rewards, or consequences; and...

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America’s Passover: Franklin, Jefferson, and the Seal of the United States – How the Story of the Exodus Influenced America’s Founders 74 min.

This video lecture by Meir Soleveichik examines how the story of the exodus from Egypt influenced the thinking of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. It considers their moral convictions of freedom and the idea of freedom as a journey and how these beliefs influenced the design for the Seal of the United States.

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Jonas Phillips: The First Truly American Jew – Revolutionary War Veteran and Religious Rights Activist 56 min.

Looking at the life of Jonas Phillips, a religious Jew in colonial America, this video lecture by noted scholar and Rabbi Meir Soleveichik highlights the challenges faced by Jews of the time and considers Phillips fight for acceptance and freedom and equality of religious practice. It considers his interactions with colonial leaders and the legacy he left for the entire nation.

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Critical Theory: The Frankfurt School 31 min.

The film first presents a brief introduction to the thinking of a few of the more famous members of the Frankfurt School - Eric Fromm, Herbert Marcuse - including the second generation Frankfurt school thinker: Jurgen Habermas. Most importantly the film looks at the ideas of Max Horkheimer and Theodore Adorno. A presentation of the work the Authoritarian Personality is given before a more detailed...

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The Unconscious: Freud and Lacan 31 min.

This film first presents Freud's major ideas about the unconscious mind before showing some of the most common criticisms of such. The film then considers Lacan's modifications to Freudian theory and demonstrates how he thus solves some key problems with the original concepts, most particularly the Oedipus complex.

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Africa's Great Civilizations—Part 2: The Crescent and the Cross 53 min.

Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. charts the ancient rise of Christianity and Islam, whose economic and cultural influence stretched from Egypt to Ethiopia. Learn of African religious figures like King Lalibela, an Ethiopian saint, and Menelik, bringer of the Ark of the Covenant.

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Acts of Courage and Healing 34 min.

Eight Muslim Americans living in Colorado with family histories from eight separate Muslim-majority countries, share their personal stories. They describe incidents of Islamophobia, as well as the healing processes they have experienced in their workplaces, in their neighborhoods, and through supportive organizations.

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An Afghan American Family Story 24 min.

Jamshid and Huma Ebadi both came to the United States as young children with their families from Afghanistan under harrowing circumstances. As adults, with a young family of their own, they now live in a suburb of Denver, CO. Hear their stories of love, compassion, and of hope.

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Being Muslim in America 57 min.

The goal of the series "Being Muslim in America" is to provide U.S. students with dynamic slices of real human experience, particularly with persons coming from cultural and religious backgrounds that differ from the dominant culture, such as Muslim Americans. The series goal is for students to understand and appreciate cultural and religious diversity, as well as to understand how Muslim American...

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