Environmental Science

Ice on Fire 98 min.

An eye-opening documentary that focuses on many never-before-seen solutions designed to slow down our escalating environmental crisis, Ice on Fire goes beyond the current climate change narrative and offers hope that we can actually stave off the worst effects of global warming. Narrated by producer and Oscar®-winner Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Leila Conners, who first collaborated with DiCa...

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Inside the Megafire 53 min.

The California wildfires of 2018 took a worrisome trend to a new extreme, claiming lives and more than a million acres. Scientists investigate how forestry practices, climate change, and drought may contribute to the rise of deadly megafires.

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Ozone Hole: How We Saved the Planet 56 min.

The forgotten story of the hole in the ozone layer -and how the world came together to fix it. The scientists and politicians who persuaded Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher to take action reveal how the planetary problem was solved.

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Saving the Dead Sea 53 min.

As the Dead Sea shrinks, engineers prepare a daring solution: connect it with the Red Sea by way of a massive desalination plant. If it works, it could stabilize the lake and ease regional tensions, but will it put the environment at risk?

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Sealab 54 min.

On a February day in 1969, off the shore of northern California, a U.S. Navy crane carefully lowered 300 tons of metal into the Pacific Ocean. The massive tubular structure was an audacious feat of engineering - a pressurized underwater habitat, complete with science labs and living quarters for an elite group of divers who hoped to spend days or even months at a stretch living and working on the...

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Engineering Solar Radiation Is a Crazy Idea: A Debate 93 min.

Geoengineering is an ambitious set of methods proposed by scientists to help mitigate the effects of climate change. And one type in particular—solar geoengineering—has been the subject of growing debate. Solar geoengineering involves several techniques, including injecting reflective particles into the stratosphere to reduce the amount of solar radiation and heat that reaches the Earth. This proc...

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Don't Bring Extinct Creatures Back to Life: A Debate 95 min.

De-extinction describes the process of creating an organism that belongs to or closely resembles an extinct species. While this process was once a science-fiction fantasy explored in films like Jurassic Park, recent biological and technological breakthroughs suggest that reviving extinct creatures, like the passenger pigeon and the woolly mammoth, could soon become a reality. The benefits of de-ex...

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Deepwater Horizon, An Ecological Disaster 26 min.

Rented by the BP oil company to drill an oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explodes on April 20, 2010, before sinking into the ocean and causing a gigantic oil spill. At issue: negligence in the maintenance and in the tests carried out. On September 19, after months of unsuccessful attempts, the spill is finally declared sealed. But the harm has been done: this inc...

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The Swamp 114 min.

The Swamp explores the repeated efforts to reclaim, control and transform what was seen as a vast wasteland into an agricultural and urban paradise, and, ultimately, the drive to preserve America’s greatest wetland.

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New! A Texas Myth 55 min.

The Glover family invites an indigenous activist group to start a protest camp on their land in West Texas. They call the camp Two Rivers and fight the same company that built the pipeline at Standing Rock. As several industrial projects threaten the region, their struggle reveals much about the colonial legacy of Texas, and how what happens in Texas has reverberations around the world.

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