Physical Science

New! Engineering Solar Radiation Is a Crazy Idea: A Debate 93 min.

Geoengineering is an ambitious set of methods proposed by scientists to help mitigate the effects of climate change. And one type in particular—solar geoengineering—has been the subject of growing debate. Solar geoengineering involves several techniques, including injecting reflective particles into the stratosphere to reduce the amount of solar radiation and heat that reaches the Earth. This proc...

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New! Don't Bring Extinct Creatures Back to Life: A Debate 95 min.

De-extinction describes the process of creating an organism that belongs to or closely resembles an extinct species. While this process was once a science-fiction fantasy explored in films like Jurassic Park, recent biological and technological breakthroughs suggest that reviving extinct creatures, like the passenger pigeon and the woolly mammoth, could soon become a reality. The benefits of de-ex...

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Pluto and Beyond 53 min.

Since it explored Pluto in 2015, the New Horizons spacecraft has been zooming toward NASA’s most distant target yet. Join the mission team as the probe attempts to fly by Ultima Thule, an object 4 billion miles from Earth.

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Apollo’s Daring Mission 53 min.

Apollo astronauts and engineers tell the inside story of how the first mission to the moon, Apollo 8, pioneered groundbreaking technologies that would pave the way to land a man on the moon and win the space race.

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Searching for Life: On the Trail of Exoplanets 54 min.

2021 will bring with it the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, successor to the famed Hubble Space Telescope. With greatly improved resolution and sensitivity, this telescope is set to revolutionize astronomy and cosmology. This program focuses on how this incredible new telescope will aid astrophysicists, geologists, engineers, and astrobiologists in their quest to find life beyond earth.

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Asteroids—Space Colonies 53 min.

Recent discoveries of water at the moon’s poles and on Mars have encouraged public institutions, such as NASA and the European Space Agency, as well as private companies, like SpaceX, to lead projects that will let us settle in these harsh, distant environments in the near future. This episode explores the challenges of setting up an orbital space colony or a settlement on an asteroid, such as the...

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Mars—Space Colonies 54 min.

The Red Planet, with the most similar environment to earth in our entire solar system, is a third alternative being explored for colonization. The discovery of ice on its surface has excited and encouraged many space scientists, despite the many challenges. The distance of Mars from the earth makes a space flight dangerous and possibly lethal for astronauts, while the lack of atmosphere would make...

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The Moon—Space Colonies 53 min.

The moon’s proximity to earth, as well as the discovery of water there, have placed this natural satellite front and center as a viable location for our first interstellar colony. In fact, the director of the European Space Agency has already outlined their plans for a “moon village”, intended not only for scientific and technological research, but also for activities based on exploiting resources...

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Space Colonies 156 min.

It’s possible that in the near future the earth could become uninhabitable due to climate change or overpopulation. As a result, we may need to move to an orbital space colony or to another place like the moon or Mars. Present-day technology means this is not just something from a science fiction movie or book, but possibly a reality within this century. This series explores the challenges of sett...

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Shedding Light on Energy 100 min.

This series allows teachers to teach the topic of Energy without actually using much energy! With a perfect mix of biology, chemistry, and physics, we explore every aspect of energy including what it is and how we measure it.

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