Elmar Mock (CH): Swatch, Ultrasound Welding and More 7 min.

Elmar Mock is best known for his co-invention of the bestselling Swatch wristwatch, which revolutionized watchmaking, and revitalized the Swiss watch industry. However, the plastic welding techniques that the inventor first employed on the Swatch also became the building blocks of an entire "innovation factory" – Mock's company Creaholic – that churns out novel inventions by the hundreds. To date,...

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Lars Gustaf Liljeryd (SE): Digital Audio Compression 7 min.

Spectral Band Replication (SBR) is a novel method for compressing digital audio files making it possible for millions of people around the world to enjoy either higher quality sound or higher compression easily and affordably. SBR was conceived by the Swedish inventor Lars Liljeryd and turned into a real-world application by a team of engineers that included Kristofer Kjörling, Per Ekstrand and Fr...

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Stephen Lindsey (UK): Energy-saving Rotary Air Compressor 7 min.

British chemist and inventor Steve Lindsey has developed the Blade Compressor, an air compressor that offers significant improvements in efficiency and energy consumption across a range of applications. Air compressors are found in many industries: from large machines used in water treatment and manufacturing to smaller ones in air conditioners or refrigerators. In total, they make up 10% of Europ...

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New to Our Collection! A Year in Space 59 min.

A Year in Space takes viewers behind-the-scenes of astronaut Scott Kelly's 12-month stay on the International Space Station, where he tests human limits for space travel and lays the groundwork for a manned mission to Mars. Beyond A Year in Space follows Scott Kelly's life after spending a record-breaking year in outer space.

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Can A Computer Write A Hit Musical? 90 min.

This bold experiment to try to get computers to write a hit musical has a big question at its heart: can human creativity be coded? There’s genuine jeopardy, as the computer boffins hand over the material to a professional cast of actors and musicians. Will the world’s first computer-generated show be a hit or a flop when it opens on the West End stage?

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Can A Computer Write A Hit Musical?: Episode 2 45 min.

The experiment to stage the first ever computer-generated hit musical in London’s West End steps up a gear, as a cast and creative team come on board to rehearse the new musical - ‘Beyond the Fence’. Will the music and lyrics generated by computer be fit for the West End Stage? Will an audience of musical theatre diehards at a secret workshop for the show, who have no idea of the show’s computer o...

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Joy Of Data 60 min.

This high-tech romp reveals exactly what data is and how it is captured, stored, shared, and made sense of. Meet Dr. Hannah Fry who sees data as the essential bridge between two universes; Claude Shannon, who devised a way to digitize all information and launched the ‘information age’; and Donald Davies, the inventor of packet switching. Along the way the film reveals the connection between Scrabb...

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Bicycles 60 min.

In the fourth episode of Inside the Factory Gregg joins a multi-stage manual production line to make his very own bike. Meanwhile, Cherry Healey gets some tips from Cycling Team GB to help us all improve our pedal power. Cherry also investigates why cyclists and trucks are such a deadly combination: in London alone there have been 66 fatalities since 2011 and half of them were collisions with a tr...

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Invasion of the Drones 47 min.

They fly in swarms, deliver packages and can be as small as insects. Drones are much more than the weapons used by the US Army against terrorists. We see them fly more often and they pop up everywhere in our lives. In the USA, over one million drones were found as toys underneath the Christmas trees. Drones are not only getting smarter, they are also getting cheaper every day. So what happens when...

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Ammonia Storage to Reduce NOx—European Inventor Award 2016 9 min.

The team developed a way to safely store ammonia in solid form, thereby making it possible for drivers to use the volatile chemical in diesel vehicles to reduce NOx pollution or as an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels. Integrated in a complete system, the cartridges of AdAmmine release ammonia to be mixed with diesel exhaust gases such that the NOx is reduced to harmless water v...

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