Physical Therapy

Structural Massage 266 min.

This program shows how to perform structural massage, which starts with an easy range of motion full body assessment, testing each joint’s motion in each direction. Once a restriction is discovered, this program shows how to increase joint range and decrease pain by applying four different techniques. This includes static pressure into the muscles that restrict motion, then passive joint motion wh...

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Incorporating the Benefits of Pilates Across Rehabilitation Settings — A Lecture 352 min.

This video shows how to modify exercises for all patient populations, including wheelchair bound and frail individuals and incorporate Pilates training in treatment planning for a wide range of patients, as well as how to get reimbursed for Pilates training. It examines the use of pilates for Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, geriatrics, total joint replacement, stroke rehabilitation, pelvi...

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Degenerative Joint Disease 85 min.

This video features presentations by a number of the most renowned experts in the world on osteoarthritis (OA). Focusing on the best treatments for children with ACL injuries, the video looks at the association and risk of developing OA following an ACL injury, including operative vs. non-operative comparisons and the benefits of various treatment modalities versus risk of future OA. It discusses...

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The Painful Groin 99 min.

This video presents of an overview of how sports medicine professionals can best initially address and then manage groin pain in athletes. It provides a comprehensive review of the intrinsic and extrinsic factors involved in groin injuries and describes the complex anatomies and functions in the areas where pain can occur. It discusses training and exercises for non-surgical treatment, as well as...

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The Psychological Response to Injury 39 min.

This video discusses the critical, but often overlooked, emotional consequences of injury to athletes. From a psychological perspective, the video looks at the numerous factors that can influence an athlete’s reaction to injury, the challenges of identifying athletes at risk, and the warning signs for a potential problematic response. It offers an in-depth risk profile, lists the barriers and faci...

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Sports Medicine Pediatrics 75 min.

This video presents the latest research and developments in the areas of youth body image disorders, concussions, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or ADD), and osteochondroses. It looks at the issue of body dissatisfaction in both young boys and girls, noting risk factors, social influences, and consequences associated with a negative body image. It also presents the published resear...

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New Paradigms in Sports Concussion 152 min.

This video presents the latest research and developments in the areas of concussion measurements and mechanisms of injury, physiology of recovery, implications of repeated injury, and the evolving legal environment concerning this injury. The video discusses mechanisms for concussive brain injury, limitations and importance of protective equipment in prevention, the challenges involved in preventi...

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2 Minutes 2 Important to Miss 59 min.

This video seminar presents eight self-contained tidbits that are clinically relevant to rehabilitation professionals and applicable to other patient situations. It discusses odynophagia after football injury, a skateboarder with wrist pain, atypical winging scapula in a swimmer, atypical heat stroke, advanced imaging for head injury in sport, Brodie's abscess diagnosed after ankle injury, a teena...

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Lost and Found: The Evidence Behind Our Musculoskeletal Exams and Treatments 86 min.

This video seminar looks at how research and data affect the daily practices of sports medicine professionals. The video discusses several evidence-based tests and exams that physicians employ to assess specific aspects of musculoskeletal-related injuries. Using case studies, it also reviews some of the management and treatment options for shoulder and knee injuries.

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Physical Therapy in the Health Club Setting 61 min.

This video discusses the huge gap that exists between medicine and fitness. Explaining what physical therapists do, the video points out that physical therapy services provide a significant profit opportunity for health/fitness clubs and details basic work-related issues that clubs need to address if they are thinking about adding physical therapy to their list of services.

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