New! History of Nursing: Development of Nursing in the United States 30 min.

Development of healthcare, hospitals and nursing in the United States from colonial times, through the American Revolution, the Civil War, industrialization, the two World Wars to the current state of being a most respected profession. Milestones are presented through the lives of key individuals including: Florence Nightingale, Dorthea Dix, Clara Barton, Linda Richards, Mary Eliza Mahoney, Lillia...

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New! Neutropenic Fever 49 min.

Neutropenic fever is a common hospital presentation for oncology patients. In this podcast, Dr. Darien Reed explains what neutropenic fever is, who is at risk for getting it, important assessment findings, and how medical professionals work up these patients.

Formats: Streaming Copyright Date: 2021

New! Vancomycin and Oral Diabetic Agents 61 min.

This podcast with nurse Annie Fulton and pharmacist Victoria Arsenault covers two very different topics: vancomycin and oral diabetic agents. They consider the indications for and side effects of vancomycin, how it is the antibiotic of choice for MRSA infections, and recent studies that are leading to changes in how it is administered. They then discuss the difference between insulin and oral diab...

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New! History of Nursing Around the World 30 min.

This program looks at the origins of nursing in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, and the Americas from prehistoric times through the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and modernity up to present time. It discusses how the role of nursing expanded from being a midwife or physician’s assistant into a full-fledged credentialed profession as superstition was replaced with scientific medicine and considers the...

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Blood Collection 74 min.

This series teaches the basics of phlebotomy for nurses, discussing anatomy and physiology, procedures, and special considerations for different patient groups.

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Blood Collection: Anatomy and Physiology (2021 edition) 22 min.

This program reviews anatomic and physiologic considerations related to phlebotomy. It discusses the five types of blood vessels, three preferred venipuncture sites, three elements found in the blood, the four blood types, and seven common blood tests.

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2021

Blood Collection: Performing Phlebotomy (2021 edition) 31 min.

This program shows how to perform venipuncture, troubleshoot problems with gaining venous access, and recognize common complications. It reviews proper labeling used for various blood tests, the preparation procedure before drawing blood, venipuncture procedures, and types of equipment used. It explains the Emergency Nurses Association's Clinical Practice Guidelines for taking a blood culture and...

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Blood Collection: Special Considerations (2021 edition) 23 min.

Designed for training nurses, this program focuses on special considerations when performing phlebotomy on specific populations, including pediatric patients, the elderly, women who have had mastectomies, patients who are obese, and those who have needle phobia (belenophobia). It discusses the volume of blood at different developmental stages, shows techniques for alleviating stress of venipunctur...

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Infection Control in Long Term Care: Precautions (2021 edition) 21 min.

Precautions have been developed by OSHA and the CDC to help prevent and control the spread of infectious diseases. This program introduces infection control policies, explaining that gowns and gloves should be worn by staff for all interactions that involve contact with the resident's bodily fluids, blood, secretions, or excretions, as well as contact with potentially contaminated areas in the env...

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National Patient Safety Goals for Long-Term Care (2021 edition) 16 min.

Medical errors continue to be recognized as a significant cause of thousands of unnecessary injuries and deaths in the United States. As part of the general response aimed at reducing medical errors, resident safety has taken on a more critical role. This program provides nurses and other healthcare professionals with an understanding of the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals for lon...

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