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New! Modern Makers 26 min.

Modern Makers is a 25 minute documentary that features three artists who have built successful creative businesses from literally nothing. They are unlikely business people living in unlikely places who have taken advantage of modern internet technologies (and other creative strategies) to grow very unique businesses.

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2019

Risks After Challenger 55 min.

Retro Report on PBS revisits the Challenger and Columbia disasters, explores how immigration controversies echo past anti-immigration backlash, and explains why a lawsuit over scalding coffee is misunderstood and the U.S. military is reliant on special forces. Andy Borowitzgives his take on efforts to strip the LGBTQ community of rights.

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Divinia Water 29 min.

In 2007, Steven and RemySedlmayr were enjoying the good life in Arizona, retired with two kids in college. When Steven decided to pursue building a water purification system and re-mortgaged the house, he had no idea that they’d soon lose everything. The story of Divinia water is about family, overcoming hardship, and the quest to create the cleanest bottled water on the planet.

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FoodMaven 28 min.

Patrick Bultema is a true industry maker whose mission is to eliminate food waste. Growing up on a farm, it pains him to know how much food is thrown away that farmers have worked so hard to produce, so he’s addressing the problem at the source. FoodMaven sells high-quality local, oversupplied and imperfect food from distributors, manufacturers, and producers to restaurants and institutional kitch...

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Friendly Plumber 28 min.

Daniel Scott and Josh Christiansen met while working for a local plumbing company and hit it off immediately. Shortly after, they decided start their own plumbing company focused on customer service, creating a family environment for employees, and giving people a second chance in life. Today, they employ over 50 people and are ranked as one of the top plumbing companies in Utah. This is a story a...

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GoodBoy Clothing 28 min.

GoodBoy Clothing was established in March 2014 in Flint, Michigan by resident Oaklin Mixon. Upon the auto industry’s exit from Flint, followed by the water crisis that brought national attention, the city has been continually forced to reinvent itself. The resilient spirit that Oaklin Mixon shares with Flint is what sparked the idea for GoodBoy Clothing. GoodBoy offers multiple apparel and accesso...

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Maria Empanada 28 min.

Lorena grew up eating her mother Maria’s homemade empanadas, but she never thought that the savory snack would help her achieve her version of the American dream. From being homeless in Argentina to owning five of Denver’s hottest restaurants, Lorena’s story is heartfelt, inspiring and will leave you salivating!

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2019

The Monarch 28 min.

Thaine Fischer is a social entrepreneur with an extensive background in real estate acquisitions, development, and management. His latest endeavor “The Monarch” is a collaborative environment where artists, creative businesses and makers of all types can connect, inspire and create together in the heart of Ogden Utah’s Nine Rails Creative District. This is a story about fearlessly going all in on...

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Oswald Service and Repair 29 min.

When Kevin Oswald’s father told him that he would have to leave the family auto repair business because there wasn’t enough revenue to sustain two families, he saw it as more of an opportunity than a setback. He spent several years working for another company until his father offered to sell him the business. Today, with two locations and more on the way, Kevin, his wife Renae and their two sons h...

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Rocky Mountain Archery 28 min.

Stewart King has been actively involved in archery for over 32 years. As an accomplished tournament target archer, he’s practiced at several different facilities over the years. So, when he decided to switch careers and start Rocky Mountain Archery, he had a pretty clear vision of the archery destination that he wanted to create. This family business story is about perseverance and creating a life...

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