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U.S. Customary System (04:32)


The U.S. customary system of measurement is a descendant of cubits, inches, and feet as measured by human standards. A metrologist reviews the U.S. system of measurement.

Metric System (05:31)

The meter was created in France during the Revolution, and was standardized in 1875. Today, the meter is measured by the speed of light. A metrologist demonstrates the metric divisions of the meter and kilometer.

Accuracy and Precision (04:44)

Congress passed a law in 1886 making it legal to use the metric system, but people continued to use the more familiar system. A metrologist shows the difference between accuracy and precision in measurement.

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Emphasizing hands-on practice, this program is an excellent tool for introducing the basics of linear measurement: its history, terminology, systems, and practical applications. Using both customary and metric rulers, Measurement: The Long and the Short of It will guide your students through the process of taking measurements, performing related calculations using whole numbers and fractions, and arriving at answers they can feel confident with. By the time the program is over, students will understand exactly what measurement is—and why it’s relevant to their lives. Includes a workbook. Correlates to all applicable state and national standards. A Shopware Production. Recommended for middle school, high school, and vocational/technical school. (16 minutes)

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