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Langley Home (03:00)


See a typical morning in the household. Hattie and Isabelle Langley describe their relationship; one sibling was born a boy.

Identifying as a Girl (04:24)

Naomi McNamara and Andrew Langley recall their son Campbell telling them he felt like a girl; Isabelle Langley describes their reactions. Isabelle searched the Internet to find answers about how she was feeling; Jazz Jennings made a big impression.

Unable to See the Future (02:04)

Isabelle became depressed after coming out. Studies reveal high rates of suicide attempts or self-harm in young people who do not receive treatment.

Coming Out Publicly (03:03)

Paige Elliot Phoenix came out on X Factor; he discovered he was transgender at age 32. He recalls his struggles growing up.

Maintaining a Male Appearance (03:11)

Paige had chest surgery and injects testosterone every 10 days; he reflects on the effects of puberty on transgender boys. Paige has not reunited with his parents. He performs at a conference with a transgender woman.

Royal Children's Hospital (04:13)

Isabelle attends a regular appointment at the gender clinic; she learns about puberty blocking hormones. Clinics are seeing an increase in transgender kids; doctors do not use medical interventions until after puberty starts.

Gender Assessment (02:22)

A team of doctors assesses each patient. Isabelle started living completely as a girl with the help of her psychiatrist. Jamie's parents went to court over approvals for puberty blockers.

Gender Challenges (03:02)

Jamie's parents challenged the court's jurisdiction to approve medical treatment of transgender children. She and her mother Allison discuss her struggles as a young child.

Accessing Treatment (04:13)

Allison encountered anger because of her support of Jamie; she challenged the court system. Jamie considers what her life would be like if she had to be a boy. Experts discuss Jamie's need for puberty blockers.

Re Jamie (03:43)

The courts approved puberty blockers but not cross changing hormones; Jamie's family filed an appeal and challenged the court's jurisdiction. The courts require informed consent for the second stage of transgender treatment approval. The Chief Justice consults with doctors about the cost and process.

Social Acceptance (03:13)

Jamie is in high school; her past remains secret. The Chief Justice reflects on societal changes. Isabelle faces a lifetime of hormone treatment; her parents reflect on their feelings about Campbell becoming Isabelle.

Coming Out at School (03:17)

Isabelle was anxious to be herself at school; Principal David Pelosi recalls the meeting. Schoolmates teased Isabelle as she changed her appearance. Isabelle wrote a letter to her classmates.

Supportive Community (02:40)

Pelosi admires Isabelle's attempts to make herself understood and discusses changes in her personality. Experts discuss the courage and tenacity of transgender people who stay true to themselves.

Credits: Being Me (00:24)

Credits: Being Me

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There are any number of self help books that will tell you how to find yourself. But what if truly being yourself involved changing your gender? Would you have the courage to do it? Eleven-year-old Isabelle does. To the world she looked like a young boy. But she knew that she was really a girl. Being Me tells Isabelle’s story and the story of the family, the doctor and ultimately the community that backed her decision to truly be herself. Isabelle’s story is remarkable and inevitably raises many questions for families, doctors and society in general. Along the way, meet other people who've confronted the same feelings and discover that a growing and significant number of children are finding themselves in the same situation.

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