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Introduction: The Bones of It: An Introduction to the Skeleton (02:10)


Narcopolis Osteo McZombie finishes counting the 206 major bones of the human skeleton. He outlines the topics that will be covered in this film.

Why Do We Have Bones? Shape and Protection (02:56)

The skeleton supports our soft tissue, gives us form, and protects our vital organs.

Why Do We Have Bones? Movement, Storage and Production (02:46)

Learn how muscles and bones work together. Minerals are stored in bone tissue until they are released into the blood. Bones produce blood cells.

Summary: Why Do We Have Bones? (00:32)

Review the five main functions of bones.

What Does a Skeleton Look Like? (04:15)

Bone names are sung to the tune of "Camptown Races." The axial skeleton has 80 bones and protects vital organs. The main purpose of the 126 bones of the appendicular skeleton is motion.

Summary: What Does a Skeleton Look Like? (00:32)

Review the two main parts of the human skeleton.

Movement and Joints (04:24)

Learn about the skeleton's five types of bones. Joints fall into 3 catagories and there are six different moveable joints.

Summary: Movement and Joints (00:35)

Review the five types of bones and types of joints.

Breaking and Healing (01:59)

Skeletal bones are made of collagen and minerals. Learn the two types of bones and their main functions.

Break of the Day (02:55)

Learn about the seven main types of breaks, and how the body reacts to repair a broken bone.

Summary: Breaking and Healing (00:35)

Review what bones are made of, two types of bone, and what causes a bone to break.

Healthy Bones (05:24)

Learn types of diseases and birth defects of the skeleton and bones and those that affect the elderly. Incorrectly carrying a heavy backpack can cause scoliosis. Strengthen bones by Increasing calcium intake and exercising.

Summary and Conclusion: Healthy Bones (01:51)

Review common bone defects and diseases and preventative measures to increase the lifespan of your bone health.

Credits: The Bones of It: An Introduction to the Skeleton (00:50)

Credits: The Bones of It: An Introduction to the Skeleton

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The Bones of It: An Introduction to the Skeleton

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 Incorporating photos, models, ultrasound images, and live-action footage, this film offers information about the human skeleton by examining why we have bones, what a skeleton look like, movement and joints, the breaking and healing of bones, and preventive and dietary measures to help maintain healthy bones. Each chapter ends with a summary and review of the information covered. Staged in a crypt-like atmosphere and narrated by the “bone-a-fide” crypt keeper, “Z-Man,” this humorous presentation is sure to hold viewers’ attention. Music and props enhance the production. Shown in segments or in its entirety, this information-packed, well-done film will be enjoyed by students.

Length: 33 minutes

Item#: FPT94180

ISBN: 978-1-68272-029-5

Copyright date: ©2009

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