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November 2014 Elections (01:03)


Bill Moyers cites Andy Borowitz's piece about billionaires controlling the U.S. government. Bernie Sanders speaks against Chevron in Richmond, California on October 16.

Richmond Case (00:34)

Richmond mayor Gayle McLaughlin sued Chevron for negligence after a refinery fire. The company is spending $3 million to install a council to protect their interests.

Midterm Election Spending (00:35)

Corporations are spending $4 billion to drown out the democratic process. Moyers introduces Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders.

Corporate Community Ownership (01:10)

Sanders expresses frustration about Chevron's efforts to replace the local government in Richmond.

Fight for Democracy in America (00:39)

Sanders describes efforts by the Koch Brothers and the Republican Party Chairman to eliminate all campaign spending legislation.

Chevron's Richmond Campaign (00:49)

Chevron spends $150 per voter to install a city council less concerned about environmental impacts on the community.

Hiding Income Inequality (02:23)

Sanders talks about how campaign ads and corporate owned media deflect attention from the real issue of the growing wealth gap in America.

Political Brainwashing (01:04)

Sanders explains that the right wing media influences conservative working people who do not realize that the Republican Party was sold to corporate interests.

Tea Party Ideology vs. Operations (01:10)

Many Tea Party members want social security and Medicare, but do not realize that the Koch Brothers are working to eliminate these services.

Taking on the Billionaire Class (01:49)

Sanders discusses challenges of running for office as an Independent versus as a Democrat. He calls for a grassroots political revolution to reach conservative working class people.

Uniting Working Class Americans (01:27)

Sanders outlines his strategy of building a bipartisan coalition to take on the billionaire class under a progressive agenda.

Progressive Agenda (01:34)

Sanders calls for mobilizing Americans to demand infrastructure investment, a higher minimum wage, and other economic measures.

Democracy vs. Politics (01:33)

Sanders believes Obama's biggest mistake was to start negotiating with Republicans after election, rather than to use his political momentum to make changes.

Progressive Milestones (02:07)

Moyers asks Sanders how to mobilize Americans to fight Big Money. Sanders cites African-American, women's, and gay rights victories and calls for political leaders to take a stand.

Social vs. Economic Issues (01:05)

Moyers points out that those politicians supporting gay rights are also loyal to Wall Street. Sanders calls for rallying ordinary people around a progressive agenda.

Democratic Party Takeover (00:47)

Sanders believes grassroots coalitions can push a progressive agenda, as the Tea Party moves Republicans further right.

Campaign Finance Reform (00:42)

Sanders calls for overturning Citizens United in favor of public funding of elections.

Suppressing the American Dream (01:14)

Sanders discusses how the media and weak politics deflects working class anger about reduced opportunities.

Getting Money out of Politics (01:52)

Sanders talks about the Democratic Party's inability to stand up to the billionaire class, and calls for overturning Citizens United. Visit for more resources.

Credits: Moyers & Company: Breaking Big Money’s Grip on Elections (01:34)

Credits: Moyers & Company: Breaking Big Money’s Grip on Elections

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In this edition of Moyers & Company, Bill speaks with Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, the only independent member of the US Senate, about purchasing political power. It’s a grave threat, he believes, not only to our electoral process but to democracy itself. Sanders is angry about what he sees as big money’s wholesale purchase. He cites the mayoral election in Richmond, California where Mayor Gayle McLaughlin is running against a ticket backed by the energy giant Chevron.   Broadcast date: October 31, 2014.

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