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"Insulated" from Global Warming (01:32)


"Dexter's" Michael C. Hall tours the set of his former TV series as he introduces the topic of climate change.

Heat Waves & Global Warming (02:27)

Radio news sound bites alert listeners to record temperatures in Southern California. Matt Damon explains officials, from local government to the CDC in Atlanta, see disaster looming.

Environmental Challenge in Sana'a (02:16)

Journalist Thomas Friedman has long focused on the unstable Middle East. He meets with the President of Yemen to discuss water and climate change.

Series Intro & Credits: A Dangerous Future: Years of Living Dangerously (01:46)

Excerpts from the upcoming video orient the viewer to the topic of climate change and its effects.

Bangladesh (02:11)

Hall arrives in Daka, one of the cities most vulnerable to climate change. A local journalist describes the situation as dire.

Geography of Bangladesh (03:49)

A top climate scientists explains that the country is one of the flattest and lowest in the world. Monsoons and cyclones are getting stronger and more frequent.

Magnet for Heat (01:54)

An expert form the CDC shows why cities like Los Angeles are at risk from global warming. Predictions show 2-3 months of extremely hot days per year by the mid 21st century.

Effect on Pregnant Women (03:15)

An epidemiologist believes health consequences linked to heat are being missed. A woman who went into early labor from dehydration tells her story. Heatwaves increase the risk.

Immediate Water Crisis (03:48)

Political violence is common in Yemen. This country is home to one of the most active chapters of Al Qaeda. It could be the first country in the world to run out of water.

Economic Factors of Growth (02:53)

An expert of demography says Daka is changing at startling rate because of economic and climate migration. It is the fastest growing mega city in the world.

Migrant Life in Bangladesh (01:59)

Hall visits a home in Daka where the people live better than most. Ten people share a small space. A communal kitchen has potable water.

Emergency Room Records (03:54)

An epidemiologist in Los Angeles is investigating a recent heat wave. She thinks deaths were under-reported. A coroner describes what happens to the body in extreme heat.

Missing Evidence (02:39)

The difficulty of finding the cause of death may be a factor in the under-reporting of heat related deaths. Most deaths in Los Angeles are classified by a doctor and not the coroner.

Ancient Spring in Mount Taber (05:03)

Friedman visits the site of a conflict over who controls water in villages in central Yemen. Leaders from Al-Marzouh and Quaradh describe how the violence started.

Garment Factory Disaster (03:45)

Hall meets with a professor who fights for migrants' rights in Daka. Climate-related events have caused migration in Bangladesh to cities, where working conditions are bad.

Football Player Death (02:30)

Heat is the leading cause of death for high school athletes. Forest Jones died during one of the hottest summers in Atlanta. His parents tell his story.

Heat Wave Deaths (03:25)

An epidemiologist has calculated the number of unreported heat deaths in Los Angeles. Climate scientists say these events are becoming more frequent.

Fight for Survival (02:13)

Friedman visits the latest victim of the water conflict in Yemen.

Rana Plaza (01:59)

Hall visits the site of a garment factory disaster in Bangladesh. Many people died while others were stuck in the rubble for hours. One man's injuries prevent him from physical work.

Climate Migrant (02:39)

A Rana Plaza victim left his home in south Bangladesh to help his family. He worked in a garment factory to send money home.

Heat Takes Lives (00:53)

Hear a poem written for football player Forest Jones; his father laments his loss.

Credits: A Dangerous Future: Years of Living Dangerously (01:07)

Credits: A Dangerous Future: Years of Living Dangerously

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In episode eight of the series “Years of Living Dangerously”, Matt Damon takes viewers on an investigation into the impact of extreme heat on human health and mortality. With a focus on startling new research from leading scientists and researchers, Damon uncovers the ways in which climate change and rising temperatures are becoming a public health emergency locally, nationally and globally. Michael C. Hall journeys to the low-lying deltaic country of Bangladesh where rising seas are expected to submerge 17% of the nation. Hall explores the prediction that by 2050, the migration of upwards of 150 million people worldwide will be the single most worrisome impact of our climate-changed future. Pulitzer Prize-winner Thomas Friedman concludes his investigation of three Middle Eastern nations—Syria, Egypt, and now Yemen—to witness how climate change can be a stressor that can take a volatile political situation and push it over the edge.

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