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Lady Elgin (08:21)


Maritime archeologist Mallory Haas searches for the wreck of the paddle steamer in Lake Michigan. The ship that was popular with business travelers sunk with 400 passengers onboard in 1860. Haas' team uses sonar to scan the wreck and determine what happened.

Lady Elgin's Wreck (07:40)

Having found part of the Lady Elgin, Haas' team scans more of the lake. A collision with another ship during a storm punctured the paddle steamer's hull. It traveled a mile until the anchor chain snagged on a boulder.

Mystery Structure (05:19)

Author Ben Sells investigates a strange 19th century structure three miles into the lake; Lake Michigan was heavily polluted in the mid-1800s. Underground tunnels run from the structure to a building in downtown Chicago.

Ellis Chesbrough's Tunnel System (04:09)

Chesbrough designed the system that pulls clean water from the center of Lake Michigan to a pumping station downtown. The lake structure protects the large intake pipe necessary for the system operate.

Rouse Simmons (05:03)

Maritime archaeologist Tamara Thomsen investigates the wreck of the transport schooner that sunk in 1912. Sonar technology and historical records reveal that it must have sunk while transporting Christmas trees to Chicago.

Rouse Simmons' Sinking (05:20)

Using historical records, Thomsen discovers Captain Herman Schuenemann cut corners on ship maintenance while fighting off bankruptcy. The ship was carrying an excessive load of Christmas trees when it encountered in a storm and sunk.

Plane Wreck (03:27)

A team of maritime archaeologists from the U.S. Navy and NOAA surveys Lake Michigan. They discover a plane that appears to have been attempting to land in the middle of the lake.

Lake Michigan Aircraft Carriers (07:31)

Historical records show that during World War II, Lake Michigan was a training site for pilots landing and taking off from aircraft carriers. Engineers modified four streamers to create two carriers since all were in active combat. The wrecked plane was part of the training program.

Credits: Episode 10: Chicago (Drain the Oceans) (00:02)

Credits: Episode 10: Chicago (Drain the Oceans)

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Episode 10: Chicago (Drain the Oceans)

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Draining Lake Michigan uncovers Chicago’s secret history. The latest sonar technology exposes a catastrophe that killed 300 people, solves a tragic Christmas mystery, uncovers a game-changing naval training program from World War II and reveals an engineering marvel that stops the fastest growing city in the world from choking to death.

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