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St. John's River Wreck (06:24)


Maritime archeologist James Delgado investigates a Civil War era shipwreck near Jacksonville, Florida. Sonar and 3D imaging allows experts to get a better view of the wreck in the murky water and mud. The ship was a paddle steamer carrying supplies for the Union Army.

Maple Leaf's Sinking (05:55)

The Union Army used the civilian vessel that was lost in 1864. Captain Romeo Murray recorded an eyewitness account of the vessel encountering a river mine.

Charleston Wrecks (06:25)

To damage the Confederate economy, the Union limited its cotton exports. Archeologist Jim Spirek investigates a series of wrecks and piles of granite near Charleston. In 1861, Union ships transported granite to the south and were intentionally sunk.

Union Stone Fleet (04:58)

Spirek tries to determine why the Union Navy sunk the ships carrying granite. It used the ships to block one channel into the Charleston harbor, while warships guarded the other. The blockade attempt was mostly unsuccessful.

Mary Celestia (04:48)

In 1864, the Confederate ship broke the blockade and delivered cotton to Bermuda. Anthropologist Philippe Rouja investigates why it sank a week later.

Mary Celestia's Sinking (07:05)

Rouja finds falsified historical records about the Confederate ship's final voyage. A letter and a digital reconstruction of the ship reveals it smuggled in everyday items to boost Southern morale; speed caused it to hit a reef and sink.

CSS Alabama (04:27)

In 1864, the Union Navy chased and sank the Confederate warship off the coast of northern France. The Alabama sank 60 Union ships. It's design features camouflaged it as a merchant ship.

CSS Alabama's Design (05:59)

The Confederate warship designed as a commerce raider, went on a global expedition to take out Union merchant ships. A Confederate agent working in Britain commissioned the building of the Alabama.

Credits: Episode 8: Raiders of the Civil War (Drain the Oceans) (00:54)

Credits: Episode 8: Raiders of the Civil War (Drain the Oceans)

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Episode 8: Raiders of the Civil War (Drain the Oceans)

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The American Civil War stretched far beyond the battlefield, into American rivers, along coastlines and out into the world’s oceans. Maritime archaeologists and historians go in search of submerged evidence of the Civil War’s forgotten battlegrounds. Scientific data combines with computer graphics to drain the waters and investigate a conflict that rewrote the rules of warfare forever.

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