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Battle of Britain (03:20)


In 1940, Nazi Germany sent the Luftwaffe to bomb Britain. Despite having a smaller air force, the British won. Archeologist are looking at plane crashes in the sea to understand what happened.

Walton-on-the-Naze Crash (07:17)

On Aug. 31, 1940, the Nazis shot down 39 British fighter planes. Aviation historian Andy Saunders investigates the remains of a plane that crashed into wet mud. The plane was a Hurricane that faced Nazi fighter and bomber planes.

Hurricane Crash (03:25)

Saunders finds an account of what happened to the aircraft that crashed at Walton-on-the-Naze. The plane was shot down while turning out of a head-on attack.

HMS Wakeful (06:01)

Off the coast of Belgium, Sven van Haelst leads a team investigating the 1940 wreck that disappeared within 15 seconds. The large gunship was part of the evacuation of the British Army from Dunkirk.

HMS Wakeful's Fate (05:55)

Van Haelst finds the HMS Wakeful torn in two and not on a direct route from Dunkirk to Britain. It traveled an alternate route to avoid heavy Luftwaffe bombing. A German E-boat hit the ship with a torpedo.

Battle of Narvik (04:13)

In the Narvik fjord lies a collection of Nazi shipwrecks. Archaeologist Fredrik Soreide investigates what happened during the little-known battle. He focuses on the wreck of the Erich Giese, a German destroyer.

Erich Giese Shipwreck (07:14)

Soreide's team investigates the wreck with an underwater drone. British ships attacked the destroyer as it retreated from battle in Narvik.

Hitler and the RAF (09:22)

Destruction at the Battle of Narvik was a setback for Adolf Hitler's planned naval invasion of Britain. He realized it would only be successful if he destroyed the Royal Air Force. Archeologists investigate a German bomber plane wreck in the Goodwin Sands near Kent.

Credits: Episode 5: The Battle of Britain (Drain the Oceans) (00:05)

Credits: Episode 5: The Battle of Britain (Drain the Oceans)

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Episode 5: The Battle of Britain (Drain the Oceans)

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In summer 1940, Adolf Hitler had just conquered France, and only 20 miles of sea separated him from his next target: Great Britain. The mighty Luftwaffe was sent to bomb Britain into submission, destroy the Royal Air Force and set the stage for seaborne invasion. Now, we uncover the wrecks of planes and ships to reveal the truth behind the Battle of Britain.

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