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Bikini Atoll (02:26)


In 1946, the United States military began nuclear testing in the Pacific Ocean. The testing continued until 1954 and left behind more than a dozen shipwrecks.

Operation Crossroads (05:28)

A research team 3D scans the wrecks of the program that tried to determine what war would be like in the nuclear age. The team searches for the USS Gilliam.

USS Gilliam (06:33)

The dive team searches the wreck site of what could be the attack transport. The amount of damage from the nuclear bomb makes the wreck difficult to identify. Historical records and 3D scanning provides a clearer picture of what happened.

Baker Test (07:21)

The military initiates the second phase of Operation Crossroads a few weeks after the first test. It is the first underwater detonation of a nuclear bomb. The research team scans for damage to the ocean floor and the USS Pilotfish.

USS Pilotfish (03:05)

The Baker test causes 5,200 square tons of force to hit the USS Pilotfish. The research team tries to determine exactly what caused the submarine to sink.

USS Saratoga (08:39)

The aircraft carrier is the largest ship used in the Bikini Atoll tests and sunk during Baker. The research team locates the wreck; the underwater nuclear blast caused tidal waves to move the ship 300 yards from its moorings.

Outcomes of Operation Crossroads (02:19)

Experts disproved the U.S. Navy's theory that a nuclear bomb could destroy a naval fleet. They did not anticipate the deadly effects of the radiation in Bikini Atoll and shut down the operation. America's atomic testing moved to the Nevada desert and other Pacific Islands.

Castle Bravo (04:23)

In 1952, experts began hydrogen bomb testing in the Bikini Atoll. They detonated a thermonuclear device on one of the small coral islands, leaving a mile-wide crater.

Castle Bravo Aftermath (06:33)

The hydrogen bomb's explosion was three times more powerful than predicted. The blast was felt 300 miles away on Likiep Atoll and nuclear fallout reached inhabited islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Credits: Episode 2: The Atomic Ghost Fleet (Drain the Oceans) (00:04)

Credits: Episode 2: The Atomic Ghost Fleet (Drain the Oceans)

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Using the latest sonar technology, a high-tech expedition maps Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean to reveal the world’s only nuclear battlefield. The survey tells the story of the U.S. atomic experiments and the warships they destroyed, including a submarine and a mighty aircraft carrier. This is the explosive tale of the dawn of the Nuclear Age and the birth of the Cold War.

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