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Killing of Terence Crutcher (05:21)


Tulsa Police Department Officer Betty Shelby shot and killed Crutcher. A jury found her not guilty of manslaughter but is being sued in civil court. She became a Rogers County Sheriff's deputy after resigning from Tulsa PD.

Shelby's Advice for Officers (03:07)

Shelby explains the importance of signing up for deferred compensation and the FOP Defense Fund. She stresses the importance of having legal representation after officer-involved shootings.

Shelby's Legal Representation (06:21)

The D.A. charged Shelby with first-degree manslaughter six days after Crutcher's death. Shelby hired attorneys Scott Wood and Shannon McMurray. The total cost of Shelby's legal representation was $511,000; the F.O.P Legal Defense Fund covered the cost.

Aftermath of Officer Involved Shooting (03:34)

Shelby and her husband, also a police officer, were forced to leave their home after the killing of Crutcher. Shelby claims Black Lives Matter protesters targeted her.

Digital and Physical Security (05:54)

People tracked the Shelbys through their digital footprint. They explain how they scrubbed their online presence and enhanced their home security.

Preparing for an Incident (04:08)

The Shelbys explain the importance of protecting assets before an incident happens. They suggest setting up a trust. Officers should consider training in courtroom testimony.

Shelby's Emotional Health (04:07)

Shelby explains how she emotionally handled the aftermath of Crutcher's death. She received psychological counseling from a firm in Tulsa that had experience working with police officers.

Four Categories for Survival (06:02)

The Shelbys discuss lessons they learned from the killing of Crutcher and its aftermath. Officers should consider their emotional, physical, financial, and legal survival before and after an incident.

Questions (03:13)

This segment provides questions about information the Shelbys shared in this video and encourages officers to share their experiences and thoughts.

Credits: "Betty Shelby: Surviving the Aftermath of a Fatal O.I.S." (01:12)

Credits: "Betty Shelby: Surviving the Aftermath of a Fatal O.I.S."

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Betty Shelby: Surviving the Aftermath of a Fatal O.I.S.

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In this training program, we discuss how to deal with the aftermath of being in the national spotlight after a fatal officer involved shooting. Officer Betty Shelby was in the middle of a media firestorm when video of her officer-involved shooting was released for the entire world to see. In this exclusive in-depth interview, she discusses all of the details directly following the incident. Some of the topics include her legal defense, personal safety, finances, and much more in this must-see program. She and her husband, also a law enforcement officer, tell cops there are many preparations one must make prior to such a traumatic incident.

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