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Officer Suicides (06:58)


Suicide is the leading cause of death for police officers. It first becomes an apparent issue in the 1930s amid the New York City Police Department.

Sgt. Mark DiBona (03:10)

DiBona has trained in mental health care and suicide prevention. Officers need mental as much as physical protection. Many departments ignore issues and miss cries for help.

DiBona's Mental Health (05:46)

DiBona shares his struggles with mental health problems. He dealt with large amounts of job-related stress, traumatic events, and the fear of termination.

Confronting a Suicidal Cop (03:56)

DiBona explains how his friend Officer Craig McGee stopped him from committing suicide. DiBona provides tips for confronting suicidal cops. He went to a mental health facility before attempting to return to work.

Therapy and Help (06:36)

DiBona began seeing a therapist, who is an ex-cop and someone he could connect with. Having a therapist that understands the pain inflicted by law enforcement is important. DiBona shares his coping mechanisms.

Cop Identity (02:56)

About 40% of retired officer suicides happen in the first year of retirement. DiBona talks about the difficulty some officers face when they are no longer cops and feel they have lost their identity.

Dealing with Horrific Events (01:08)

DiBona gives advice for cops who have witnessed horrific events. Officers should search for the positive and identify ways they were able to help. Departments should have debriefings after major incidents.

Signs an Officers Might be Contemplating Suicide (03:01)

DiBona outlines warning signs. These include officers who stop wearing their vest or start avoiding other officers. Take suicidal comments seriously.

Suicide Prevention (02:49)

DiBona's presentations on preventing suicide among officers has helped officers realize what they are feeling and notice signs in their fellow officers.

Questions (04:03)

This segment provides questions about the information DiBona provided and encourages officers to share their thoughts and experiences.

Credits: "Suicide Prevention/Sgt. Mark DiBona Program: Part 1" (00:53)

Credits: "Suicide Prevention/Sgt. Mark DiBona Program: Part 1"

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Suicide Prevention/Sgt. Mark DiBona Program: Part 1

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This training program discusses the topic of suicide among law enforcement officers and first-responders. This problem has reached what some are calling epidemic proportions. The taboo of asking for help has to be removed. There are many signs to look for among your fellow officers who may be hurting and in need of help. We talk with a former law enforcement officer who has been through this battle and he shares his story in hopes of giving other officers a reason to keep on fighting.

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