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Introduction: Conquering Cancer (02:46)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of cervical cancer. Sue Collins reflects on filming at a large cancer hospital in Sri Lanka.

Cancer Elimination (05:24)

The United Nations has made a resolution to eliminate cervical cancer. Three pillars of the strategy are vaccination, cervical screening, and treatment. A woman dies from cervical cancer every two minutes. This cancer can be conquered; the end game is a matter of political will.

Cancer Backstory (07:04)

Prof. Ian Frazer led the team that developed a vaccine for the virus that causes cervical cancer. He defines cancer and cites the three pillars of cervical cancer eradication. Kirsty Browne discusses her cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

Cervical Cancer: Zambia (04:16)

Africa has nearly eradicated polio but has the highest burden of cervical cancer. Dr. Sharon Kapambwe discusses staging and the Zambia Cervical Cancer Screening Program; women are the cornerstone of society. Ericah Chinyama discusses her cancer diagnosis.

Human Papillomavirus (09:32)

Prof. Marion Saville explains HPV, transmission, and detection. She and Dr. Yin Ling Woo create the Rose Solution. Asia has the highest cervical cancer death rate. Nanthini Tanabal describes her cancer diagnosis and treatment; approximately 50% of cancer survivors experience financial catastrophe.

Cancer Elimination Tools (06:15)

HPV vaccinations and screenings have placed Australia in a leading role to eliminate cervical cancer, but inequalities must be addressed. Self-sampling, research collaboration, and a coordinated effort between government, non-government organizations, and industry is pivotal to global success; knowledge can be applied to other diseases.

Vaccinations and Screenings (05:29)

Zambia began HPV vaccinations in 2013. Access to preventative measures is essential for women in low-resource areas around the world. The Rio Grande Valley has one of the highest cervical cancer rates in the U.S. Experts discuss barriers and instituting a mobile clinic.

Accessing Healthcare (05:31)

Experts discuss barriers for African women. Women living with HIV have a higher chance of getting cervical cancer. Loyce Kabali reflects on the initial belief that she had been bewitched, realizing she had cancer, and treatment. Todd Harper discusses changing the cancer narrative.

MD Anderson Cancer Center (06:39)

The center collaborates with several other experts around the world to eliminate cervical cancer. Colombia has made great progress but has more to go. Natalia Carvajal and Luz Stella Gutierrez Ramirez discuss their cancer diagnoses; Ramirez's daughter receives the HPV vaccination.

Women in Society (05:29)

In Zambia and Malaysia, power dynamics occur within homes and sexual reproductive health is not openly discussed. Gender inequality and taboos must be addressed. Chris Chong Suet Yee discusses her cervical cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Life After Cancer (05:09)

Browne is passionate about advocacy work. Experts reflect on eliminating cervical cancer and collaboration. Collins provides tips for viewer involvement.

Credits: Conquering Cancer (03:19)

Credits: Conquering Cancer

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Imagine a world without cancer…Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide. Cervical cancer alone kills over 300,000 women each year. But these deaths are preventable. Cervical cancer – the fourth most common in women – is on the brink of being the first to be eliminated. And the implications of this on conquering cancer more broadly are profound. This program looks at the quest to eliminate cervical cancer. Professor Ian Frazer describes the implications as “rivalling the end of polio in terms of shear impact on humankind."

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