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Introduction: Trauma Healers (03:05)


Over 7.5 billion people inhabit 195 countries. World Bank numbers identify income brackets. Humanitarian efforts in low-resource countries focus on infectious disease prevention and treatment. Trauma from road traffic accidents garners less attention.

Medical Teams International (02:03)

The organization delivers medical care to those in crisis. Over 1.35 million fatalities and 20-50 million injuries due to traffic accidents occur every year. Community is an important aspect of many societies.

Access to Care (07:16)

Harvard Medical School's global surgery and social change program empowers medical professionals around the world. Approximately five billion people do not have access to safe, affordable surgical and anesthesia care, adversely impacting society. Experts discuss the global burden of injury.

Road Traffic Accident Trauma (06:02)

Experts in Haiti, Nepal, Kenya, and the Philippines identify the major causes of injuries in their respective countries; motorcycles are a top contributor. There is a dramatic disparity in healthcare access depending on location.

Road Traffic Injury Crisis: Uganda (04:58)

With a population of 34 million people, Uganda is one of the lowest low-resource countries in the world. The burden of trauma and musculoskeletal injuries is high; only 50 orthopedic surgeons treat patients. Juliet Atai discusses her injuries and treatment at Kumi Orthopaedic Center.

Healthcare Disparity (05:00)

Approximately six million people around the world die from trauma and injuries every year. Experts discuss attention to trauma, access to trauma care, and injury impacts; trauma is at the top of the "need pyramid."

SIGN Fracture Care International (11:18)

Dr. Lewis Zirkle Jr. and his team focus on fracture care throughout the world. Zirkle discusses establishing SIGN and designing fixation devices for use in developing countries. Most fractures are managed by non-orthopedic specialists. Dr. Jun Valera reflects on patient mental and emotional health.

SIGN in Tanzania and Kenya (06:37)

Martha Safael Leole, a SIGN implant recipient, wants to be a doctor. Dr. Guiseppe Gaido discusses working in Kenya, public perceptions, and orthopedic surgery.

Service to Humanity (05:41)

Dr. Robert Riviello is optimistic about the delivery of trauma healthcare and its impact. Health is the most important component of society. Experts reflect on the value of life.

Credits: Trauma Healers (02:50)

Credits: Trauma Healers

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Through interviews with world-renowned experts, international orthopedic surgeons, and trauma survivors in low resource countries, TRAUMA HEALERS focuses on the devastating impact of road traffic accidents and other traumatic injuries. The World Health Organization’s 2018 Global Status on Road Safety reveals that an estimated 1.35 million people are killed in traffic accidents every year, and 20 to 50 million more are injured, requiring surgical care to avoid life-long disability. Road traffic accidents are rising rapidly in developing countries, where adequate surgical care is often inaccessible, especially to people living in poverty, who cannot afford medical treatment. Fortunately, thousands of surgeons around the world have made a passionate commitment to working with the poor. TRAUMA HEALERS also focuses on the pioneering work of Lewis G. Zirkle, M.D., who founded a non-profit organization called SIGN Fracture Care International, which manufactures orthopedic implants and offers free hands-on training to international surgeons. During the past 20 years, SIGN surgeons have successfully treated nearly 250,000 patients. Throughout the program, viewers will experience the heartbreak and meet the heroes with on-location stories recorded in Uganda, Myanmar, Bangladesh and The Philippines.

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