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American GMO Funding in Uganda (03:46)


Journalist Jean-Baptiste Renaud visits a GMO manufacturer in 2018 funded by Howard Buffett, Bill Gates, and Monsanto. The facility is testing genetically modified plants. Workers do not allow Renaud was to see any of the plants and security chase him away.

GMO Cornfields in Uganda (05:38)

Renaud cannot enter the GMO cornfields funded by American billionaires, but Buffett and Gates post about them on social media. They claim to end famine, drought, and malaria—many Africans accuse them of playing in agricultural geopolitics and philanthrocapitalism.

History of GMOs (01:42)

Genetically modified products rose to prominence in the 1990s in the United States and spread to South America; Europe banned them. In 1997, only one African country allowed GMOs. It then spread to multiple other countries.

GMOs in Ivory Coast (03:00)

Activist Darlene Kassem fights against the spread of GMOs, which has happened without most people's knowledge. Many Africans fear their traditional agriculture is in danger. Foreign investors made a deal with the government to bring GMOs and testing to the country.

Gates Foundation (03:17)

Those conducting agricultural geopolitics, like Gates, claim they can end drought and famine with GMOs. Gates has focused much of his humanitarian work on Africa. Journalist Linsey McGoey explains Gates' use of philanthrocapitalism.

African Cassava (08:26)

Gates has focused on eradicating diseases that harm the African staple. His foundation has spent $15 million to build the cassava research facility WAVE in Abidjan. The facility tests GMOs and gene silencing.

European Involvement (04:08)

A court ruling in 2018 bans the use of GMOs in Europe because of its dangers. Renaud and his team discover that the European Union funds WAVE.

Criticism of Gates' Investment (03:02)

Faith leaders throughout Africa attempt to make Gates reconsider his GMO-focused funding in favor of agro-ecology but he ignores their concerns. McGoey explains how Gates' investments prioritize agro-business over local needs.

Gates Foundation and Malaria (05:32)

Gates announces his pledge to fight malaria at a G20 charity gala in France in 2019. African heads of state rarely question his efforts because of his large financial contributions.

Target Malaria (08:08)

Gates funds a project that aims to genetically alter mosquitoes. Gates has denied the experiments conducted at a research lab in Burkina Faso; the state limits GMO research transparency. Renaud uncovers similarities to a project in Brazil.

Gates Foundation Secrecy (04:49)

Activists in Burkina Faso criticize the government and the Gates Foundation for the secrecy around Target Malaria. The Gates Foundation has ignored concerns from African activists.

Credits: "Africa, GMOs, and the Gates Foundation" (00:34)

Credits: "Africa, GMOs, and the Gates Foundation"

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Africa, GMOs, and the Gates Foundation

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Across Africa, lobbyists, philanthropists and businessmen are working to open up the continent to GMO food. They argue that GMOs can provide a miracle solution to two of Africa’s biggest problems: famine and malaria. The main promoters is Bill Gates, now the head of the most powerful philanthropic foundation in history. This program reveals how the Gates Foundation became the main funder of genetic experiments underway on the continent and investigates the possible repercussions of their actions. The Gates foundation is discreetly conducting research on cassava genes and on the genetic modification of mosquitoes to fight malaria. These kind of tests are banned in Europe because of their potential risks to health and the environment. So the trials are carried out in Africa instead. By financing the development of GMOs in Africa, a neoliberal model of development and corporate domination is being imposed on Africa, opening it up to the global agribusiness. This is the new world of philanthrocapitalism, where humanitarian aid has a stubborn aftertaste of business, famine programs are often a pretext to introduce GMOs and public investments can serve private interests.

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