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Introduction: Are Robots Really Taking Over? (01:09)


Machines play a vital role in science fiction; the word robot first appears in a 1920s play. Fears about artificial intelligence remain.

The Terminator and the Washing Machine (05:25)

Nearly two decades ago, artificial intelligence became a national story when Garry Kasparov competed against Deep Blue and ultimately resigned. Media coverage of machine intelligence often has an anxious tone. Guruduth Banavar helps to build IBM Watson.

Artificial Intelligence (04:43)

MIT engineers program a humanoid robot. Fei-Fei Lee teaches a computer to describe objects it sees in pictures. Patrick Henry Winston programs systems to implement reasoning that people use in stories. Things that are easy for humans are hard for computers and vice versa.

Credits: Are Robots Really Taking Over? (00:19)

Credits: Are Robots Really Taking Over?

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Are Robots Really Taking Over?

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An exploration of how far Artificial Intelligence has come -- and how much farther it still has to go.

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