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Communication That Increases Calm, Clarity, and Confidence in Your Leadership

Part of the Series : Strategies to Thrive in Uncertain Times
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3-Year Streaming Price: $169.95



As a leader, you’ve navigated constant daily change and you’ve helped your people to make the changes needed during a difficult pandemic situation, including working remotely, yet you still don’t have the support or tools you should have to offer clear messaging that creates cohesion and reduces stress. In this taped webinar from the MAPP (Masters in Applied Positive Psychology) Alumni Association, Christine Duvivier, a leadership mentor who also works on bringing positive psychology to youth, presents three practices of exceptional leaders. These are practices that make it easy for you to skillfully communicate in real-time with employees, customers, families, and decision makers even if you are in the midst of stress and uncertainty.

Length: 32 minutes

Item#: FPT280483

ISBN: 979-8-88678-146-5

Copyright date: ©2020

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