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Decline of Democracies (05:12)


America’s government is the oldest functioning democracy; failure of one democratic state affects others. Some democracies are dismantled by coups but elected officials often erode them. Despite global improvements, democracies have declined in the last 13 years.

Democracy: Asia Pacific and The Fundamentals (10:17)

Despite North Korea scoring lowest on the Freedom of the World report, democracies are rising. India boasts the world’s largest democracy while Totalitarian regimes flank Mongolia’s borders. China’s global economic influence has made Communism a viable model

Democracy: The Americas (08:59)

The U.S. democracy is the longest running, but Canada’s rates higher on the Freedom House report. Latin America’s Authoritarian history largely stems from an intensely religious culture. Dictatorial presidents broke Venezuela’s healthy economy. Populists Andreas Manuel Lopez and Jair Bolsonaro digress human rights in Mexico and Brazil.

Democracy: Eurasia (04:15)

Eurasia is largely Communist, with low Freedom House ratings. After the Soviet Union’s collapse, Russia suffered economic and corruption problems. President Vladimir Putin interferes with other countries’ democracies. Ukraine retains democracy despite invasions. Turkmenistan’s fraudulent election system results in extreme repression.

Democracy: Sub Saharan Africa (03:28)

Freedom House classifies the government as mostly autocratic but includes democratic and hybrid regimes. Industrialized South Africa abolished Apartheid in the 1990s, including students and the middle class in civil rights movements. Ethiopia and Uganda have poor Freedom ratings.

Democracy: Middle East and North Africa (05:00)

Land and sovereignty disputes date back millennia. Tunisia’s uprising instigated the Arab Spring, wherein several nations’ citizens demanded rights and opportunities. Israel’s democracy is highly functioning for all but Palestinians.

Democracy: Europe (11:09)

Europe is largely democratic; Scandinavian countries rate highest on Freedom House report. Populism is rising due to increased immigration and economic inequality. Frustrated voters elect French President Macron and Great Britain’s Boris Johnson in protest of their governments.

Democracies Worldwide (04:37)

Democracies are connected, impacting others with progression and regression. The United States is not the freest country, but still retains a highly functioning democracy. China’s growing economy and Russia’s increasing aggressiveness parallel Populist trends in America and Europe; citizens must work to keep civil rights.

Credits: Part 2: Democracy around the World (Dismantling Democracy) (02:13)

Credits: Part 2: Democracy around the World (Dismantling Democracy)

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Part 2: Democracy around the World (Dismantling Democracy)

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Is democracy at risk abroad? Do other countries face similar problems with upholding democratic freedoms? What lessons can we learn from failed democracies? In episode 2, we explore democracies around the world. We look at issues facing American democracy and how those issues transpire in other democratic countries, providing perspective for America’s own democratic success and weaknesses.

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