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Danny Boy: Introduction (02:44)


On May 14, 2004, insurgents ambush a platoon of British soldiers; the Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment arrives to help. Brian Wood is among several soldiers accused of committing war crimes. (Credits)

War Hero (03:49)

Wood prepares for an award ceremony; he receives the Military Cross in recognition of his actions at Checkpoint Danny Boy. He recalls running with his father as a youth. (Credits)

Realities of War (06:53)

During a speech, Wood recalls focusing on keeping himself and his men alive and destroying the enemy. The RMP interrupt and bring Wood in for questioning. Wood recalls exiting the armored vehicle and engaging the enemy.

Human Rights Lawyers (04:49)

Phil Shiner tells law students that they will have to tell people things they do not want to hear, like British soldiers get away with murder. He discusses the death of Baha Mousa while in British custody.

Journalism Story (07:23)

Wood argues with his wife before leaving. David Monaghan introduces Shiner to British treatment of Iraqis after the Battle of Danny Boy and suggests the Iraqis may need a lawyer. Shiner reviews photographs and initiates an investigation. Wood's wife worries about his behavior.

Battle of Danny Boy (07:42)

Wood talks with his father about killing people in Iraq and the RMP asking him questions. Wood recalls his unit securing detainees before leaving with his commanding officer to secure the battlefield; they encounter insurgents and two men claiming to be farmers.

Detainee Interviews (06:18)

Shiner meets with men detained by Wood and his unit; Hussein insists that he is a farmer not a fighter. At a gathering, Wood tells his father he is only there because the Iraqis did not kill him. His wife goes into labor.

Battle of Danny Boy Inquiry (07:35)

Shiner contends that British soldiers abused Iraqis on the battlefield and at Camp Abu Naji, and that many of the victims were not soldiers. The government begins a full public inquiry and Wood receives a summons. Wood recalls gathering bodies for transport.

Prosecuting Counsel (08:16)

Shiner discusses claims against British soldiers and processing witnesses; members of his team look at photographs. Wood's wife worries about him. Wood reflects on allegations against him; CSM Falconer suggests he talk to someone.

Battle of Danny Boy Aftermath (03:37)

Shiner and his team discuss the order to take away dead bodies, the credibility of the witnesses, and transitioning from active fighting to restraining detainees. A team member questions their use of a "middleman" to question witnesses and providing financial compensation.

Witness Statement and Parenting (10:01)

Wood reads through his statement as prepared by defense counsel to ensure its accuracy; he reflects on events. Wood and his father discuss talking about things that happen and sharing their feelings.

Public Inquiry Opens (04:57)

The judge cites the terms of reference, and the prosecution makes opening statements. Later, Wood's son tells him that kids at school say his is a murderer. Wood walks with his son to school and talks about soldiering.

New Evidence (09:25)

Shiner and his team find a previously unseen document that states the local warlord identified all Iraqi dead and detainees at Danny Boy as his soldiers. Learn the outcome of the Al-Sweady Inquiry.

Credits: Danny Boy (00:46)

Credits: Danny Boy

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Danny Boy

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This is the true story of a young soldier's journey from hero to alleged war criminal, the determined lawyer on his tail, and their search for truth in the fog of war. Brian Wood is among several British soldiers accused of committing war crimes after a specific engagement in Iraq, the so-called Battle of Danny Boy. The allegations call into question Brian's memories, his actions, and the example he wants to set for his wife Lucy, sons Bailey and Charlie, and his former soldier dad Gavin. With tenacious human rights lawyer Phil Shiner investigating the actions of British personnel, Brian is forced to re-examine everything he remembers about that day and everything he has experienced as a soldier. Memory, evidence and trauma collide on the fine line between war and unlawful killing in a legal and moral conflict that stretches from the battlefield at Checkpoint Danny Boy to one of Britain's largest ever public inquiries, the Al-Sweady Inquiry. Will Brian be able to look his family in the eye and be the husband, father and son they need him to be?

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