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Meet Norman Malone (07:05)


Norman Malone is a left-handed pianist who has been playing since he was a child. After a journalist writes a story about him, he becomes famous and starts receiving invitations to give concerts.

The Tragic Night (05:05)

The speaker taught school for 34 years, and during that time, he had an injury that forced him to learn how to play the piano with only one hand. He found that all motion is music, and that there is a timing involved in Tai Chi that is consistent with rhythm.

Playing Piano After the Injury (06:57)

After Norman's injury, he became very interested in music and piano. He attended a class in high school. Upon graduating he wanted to continue in music but faced some difficult challenges. He eventually found a teacher who believed in him.

Leading the Lincoln Park High School Chorus (05:48)

The Lincoln Park High School Chorus, directed by Norman Malone, is a highly successful choral group that has won many awards. Malone is a demanding but effective teacher who has instilled a love of music in his students.

Music is a Way of Surviving (05:26)

My father was a choir director and my mother was a songwriter. They both introduced me to music at a young age and it has become a big part of my life.

Compositions for the Left Hand (08:04)

Norman Malone goes over some historic left hand compositions that inspired him to continue on with playing his music and becoming a successful pianist.

Ragtime Composers (07:59)

Reginald Robinson and Eubie Blake were famous Ragtime composers, Ragtime being steady beats against syncopated rhythms.

Playing Ravel Concerto with the West Hartford Symphony Orchestra (03:41)

At 79 years old Norman received a call to play the Ravel Concerto in the West Hartford Symphony Orchestra.

The Ravel Concerto (08:25)

The '"Ravel" concerto tells a story. It begins with the double basses playing so low that we can barely discern what they're playing. You would never guess it was being played by one hand.

Playing with an Orchestra (03:53)

Norman had not played with an orchestra before. He had mainly performed solo all of his life.

Norman in Concert (09:56)

Norman's performance is shown and Norman recalls some mistakes made during playing and getting through the concert.

Credits (00:48)


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At age 10, aspiring pianist Norman Malone is paralyzed on his right side after being attacked by his father. Over the next several decades he masters the left-hand repertoire in secret, before a chance discovery of his talent leads him towards making his concert debut. Aged 78, he will perform the greatest work in the canon: Ravel’s Piano Concerto for the Left Hand.

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