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Children's Creativity Leads to Critical Thinking (05:12)


Creativity and critical thinking are both abilities that allow children to think flexibly and come up with new ideas. Critical thinking allows children to evaluate these ideas, while creativity allows children to come up with them.

Children Need Exploration Opportunities (05:36)

Children are constantly exploring and trying to make sense of the world around them. Adults play a big role in how children learn by providing opportunities for exploration as well as modeling how to think about the world.

Experience Provides Learning (02:53)

Children can use language to communicate plans and make decisions about how to solve a problem or reach a goal. When children have an idea, they need to work out how to make it work.

The Key to Self-Regulated Learning (03:16)

Metacognition is the ability to be aware of your thinking and learning processes. It is the key to self-regulated learning.

Children Problem Solve Building Hedgehog House (05:10)

Group of children discuss how to build a house for the hedgehog, looking at issues such as how large it should be and how many blocks will be needed to make the complete structure.

Thinking About How to Learn (03:38)

Encourage your students to think about how they're learning, not just what they're learning. Encourage children to reflect on the task and what is going well or what might need improving.

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Creating and thinking critically involves young children becoming able to use their Creating and thinking critically involves young children becoming able to use their minds to process all the information they’re taking in. This program consists of five short videos that look at creative and critical thinking in childhood. It considers how children use their imaginations and how that can often help them solve a problem, even before they can verbalise their ideas. It shows how children look for patterns and make links between things and how once children have had an idea they need to work out how to make it happen, combining the creative process with critical thinking to come up with an effective solution. It also examines how to create a supportive learning environment for children to come up with their own ideas and to make links between them is essential.

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