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The Press is in a Bad Way (02:16)


Journalism is going through a tough time and only 6 out of 10 people trust journalists. This mistrust comes from a variety of sources, including the fact that journalists can be biased, that they can make mistakes, and that they can be fed fake news. Journalists need to find new ways to report the news so that it does not disempower people.

The Effects of News on Us (02:58)

The news is making us anxious and depressed, and we're becoming desensitized to it.

Journalists Fight Mistrust (04:16)

We should be careful not to lump all media together, as there is a lot of good journalism being done. However, the massive presence of social media has made it difficult to tell the difference between the message and the messengers. Additionally, not enough money and time are available to do good journalism.

Creating Links between Journalist and Audience (07:19)

In order to rebuild trust in the news media, we need to create closer relationships between journalists and their readers. This can be done by copying the farmer's market and creating links between journalists and their audiences.

Business Model Revisited (09:31)

The Guardian and other papers are moving to a membership model in which readers pay directly for the journalism they rely on. This change allows journalists to be more directly responsive and responsible to the people they're serving.

The Right Investigation is the Prickly One (05:10)

Journalism is essential, but it can also weigh us down and then leave us high and dry.

Why People Make Decisions Based on Facts (01:54)

The journalist's role is to document how things are and facilitate a debate about what to do about it.

Solution Journalism Network (03:19)

The Solution Journalism Network is a non-profit organization that aims to promote investigative journalism that focuses on solutions to social problems.

Journalists in Philadelphia Work on Trust (05:12)

Journalists in Philly are trying to regain trust by having conversations about what they can do better. One way they are doing this is by focusing on all 360 days a year, not just the two days when it is coldest or hottest. Another way they are doing this is by shifting the narrative from seeing those experiencing poverty as liabilities to assets.

Changing Mindsets of Journalism (05:36)

Solutions journalism is a movement that is changing the way journalists think about their profession. It is not advocacy journalism, but instead focuses on reporting on what works and what does not in order to find solutions to problems.

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Fake news, “infobesity”, media mistrust... The press is in a bad shape and people are sick of hearing the daily news. How did we get to this point? Can we reinvent journalism? Should we create a new and different relationship between news producers and consumers? Anne-Sophie Novel, a journalist herself, shares her doubts and experience, and questions the impact of the news on the way we view and understand the world. From France to Denmark, to the United States and United Kingdom, her introspection and questioning is enriched, enlivened, and challenged by many rich conversations and exchanges. The passion of the people she encounters and the experiments she discovers prove that change is coming. Time has come for the media, together with the public, to define new ways of “making the news”.

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