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Introduction: Coding Morality (01:16)


In the "Becoming Human" series, tech expert Chua Enlai investigates advances in artificial intelligence. He covers how different technology currently affects our lives and they could in the future.

What Am I? (09:57)

People in Japan have such strong bonds with their robotic dogs that a tech company was formed to do repairs and host funerals. Legal scholars debate the future of e-personhood and robot protection laws.

To Turn or Not to Turn? (10:58)

There is much debate about driverless cars and whether they are safer than human drivers. A problem is teaching the A.I. to understand what traffic laws to break for safety reasons. In philosophy, it is called the trolley problem.

Justice in the Eye of the Decoder (13:16)

A Microsoft experiment with an A.I.-ran Twitter account shows the dangers of machine learning. Researchers are debating how and by whom A.I. should be taught ethics. Machine bias has been found in risk assessment algorithms used by the U.S. justice system.

Spirituality in the A.I. Age (11:37)

A company is Japan offers a robot priest for funerals at a cheaper rate than a human priest. Transhumanism is the idea of using A.I. to transform what humanity means and some Christian groups are adopting it.

Credits: "Coding Morality" (00:50)

Credits: "Coding Morality"

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Coding Morality

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Should a machine know right from wrong? Enlai explores how law, ethics and spirituality shapes artificial intelligence.

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