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Artificial Love

Item #: 237683

Unnatural Genius

Item #: 237684

Coding Morality

Item #: 237685

Real Power

Item #: 237686

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Becoming Human

The Series Includes : Artificial Love | Unnatural Genius | Coding Morality | Real Power
DVD (Chaptered) Price: $679.80
3-Year Streaming Price: $679.80



In this four-part documentary series, comedic actor Chua Enlai embarks on a zany, international exploration of artificial intelligence. He examines A.I.’s potential to become like us and how it will transform humanity such as redefining love and relationships; expanding the boundaries of creativity and intelligence; recalibrating the international balance of power; and testing the limits of ethics, morality and spirituality. Will A.I. change us for the better or for the worse?

Length: 240 minutes

Item#: FPT237682

ISBN: 979-8-88678-913-3

Copyright date: ©2020

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