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Election Night 2016 (04:29)


Roger Stone appears on Infowars with Alex Jones and Morgan Pehme. The crew celebrates when Donald Trump becomes the president-elect. Conspiracy theories are an effective political tool and help shape elections. (Credits)

Alex Jones' Early Career (04:57)

Jones premieres on late-night access TV, spouting conspiracy theories. He believes mainstream media does not tell the truth after the government raid in Waco. His narcissistic personality disorder makes Jones feel he is more important than the truth.

September 11th Conspiracy Theory (05:50)

Jones proselytizes that the Twin Towers were destroyed by the United States Government as a pretext to impose martial law. The "9/11 Truth Movement" erupts; two-thirds of Genesis stations remove his show. Infowars moves to the internet; movies like "Endgame" generate thousands of clicks.

Television Marketing (02:21)

Jones endorses potency pills, body armor, survivalist products, gold, and other items. The "Infowars" host brings in $100,000 a day.

Sandy Hook Shooting (07:40)

"Infowars" alleges the shooter was part of a government program exploring mind-control. Jones adds more lies to the story and shows CGI constructed pictures of dead children. Lenny and Veronique Pozner become targets and receive death threats.

President Barack Obama (04:01)

Jones alleges that Obama was born in Kenya and questions his citizenship. White Americans have fears about the future of the country and who is in control. Stone, a political consultant who began his career during the Nixon administration, appears on "Infowars."

Republican National Convention 2016 (06:33)

President Trump mirrors much of Jones' rhetoric during the Republican primaries. Stone provides legitimacy to Jones and a disaffected voter to Trump. Jones alleges that Hillary Clinton and Obama founded ISIS.

"#Pizzagate" (06:00)

Jones alleges that references to cheese pizza are code for child pornography within the Clinton Administration and that the trafficking ring runs out of a D.C. restaurant basement. Edgar Maddison Welch makes a goodbye video before attacking Comet Ping Pong with an assault rifle.

Inauguration Day (02:30)

President Trump realizes that conspiracy theories work for his electorate. Americans are susceptible to false information and lies.

Lawsuits (04:25)

Parents of Sandy Hook victims sue Jones. In a deposition, Jones claims he was suffering from psychosis. Social media sites remove Infowars content. Jones alleges the Democratic Party, multinational corporations, and big tech companies conspired to remove him from social media.

Coronavirus Pandemic (02:22)

Jones alleges that government globalists shut down the economy so that it will never reopen and that George Floyd was high on fentanyl. Conspiracism is a recognized and accepted way of exercising political power and polarizes the population.

Credits: United States of Conspiracy (00:60)

Credits: United States of Conspiracy

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How trafficking in conspiracy theories went from the fringes of U.S. politics into the White House. FRONTLINE examines the alliance of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Trump advisor Roger Stone, and the president, and their role in the battle over truth and lies.

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