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Introduction: Borderlands (02:40)


The artists featured in this documentary include Tanya Aguiñiga, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Cristóbal Martinez, and Kade L. Twist. Richard Mirsrach discusses his landscapes that incorporate the border wall.

Tanya Aguiñiga (03:27)

The mixed-media artist's border identity influences her art in Tijuana. To those who have grown up in Mexico, the border wall symbolizes death and the division of families.

Richard Misrach (02:55)

Photography is a magical, powerful medium. Misrach enjoys landscapes where nature and culture collide. He discusses creating the "Border Cantos" series.

Postcommodity (02:11)

The border is a demarcation of colonization. In the "Repellent Fence," balloons in the desert mark children's voyages from Latin America.

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (03:49)

The artist discusses incorporating science in his installations. Works include "Pulse Spiral," "Zoom Pavilion," and "Border Tuner." Art during a nationalistic period should create a dialogue and ask questions about the current regime.

Los Angeles, California (05:09)

Aguiñiga discusses her current work and "Grapple." "Operation Gatekeeper" forces migrants to walk through the desert instead of jumping over the border wall and crossing through suburban areas. "Art Made Between Opposite Sides" works include "96 Deaths" and "Border Quipu."

Tijuana, Mexico (03:50)

People build barbeques, swim, and enjoy the beach near the border wall in Mexico. Misrach describes transitioning to portraits in Berkeley and working at the Saguaro National Park at night.

Chicago, Illinois (06:11)

Martinez and Twist discuss leaving the desert and moving to the Midwest. Works include "Do You Remember When?," "With Each Incentive," and "Voz Alta."

Montreal, Quebec (05:52)

Lozano-Hemmer works to make a person's voice visible and establish new connections. In El Paso, Texas, 65% of citizens have family members in Juarez, Mexico. "Border Tuner" becomes a project about listening.

Los Angeles: New Installation (04:14)

Aguiñiga discusses how her work has changed since having a child and prepares for her glass performance art piece, "Metabolizing the Border." The wall is inescapable.

East of Nogales, Mexico (05:40)

Art opens the imagination and reveals new ways of seeing objects. Walls are placed in areas of urban density. Guillermo Galindo performs on an instrument he constructed from found objects near the border.

Performance Art (07:51)

Cassandro el Exotico appears at "Border Tuner." "Remote Pulse" participants can feel the heartbeat of a person on the other side of the border. Postcommodity completes "With Each Incentive." Aguiñiga walks the wall in a glass suit for "Metabolizing the Border."

Credits: Borderlands (00:51)

Credits: Borderlands

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Set in the region between the United States and Mexico---long a site of political conflict, social struggle and intense creative fermen---four artists respond to one of the most divisive moments in the history of this area. Featuring artists Tanya Aguiñiga, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Richard Misrach and Postcommodity.

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