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Introduction: In This Together: A PBS American Portrait Story (01:29)


This film highlights the stories of a first responder, an essential worker, a mother with Covid-19, and people across the United States during a global pandemic.

First Responders (02:31)

Individuals share "I never expected..." stories. Allison A. is a critical care transport nurse and her husband works in healthcare. Their son stays with his grandparents to reduce Covid-19 exposure risks.

Essential Workers (03:07)

Individuals share "I never expected..." stories and cite their jobs. Mario C., a warehouse associate, fears exposing his children to Covid-19. His workplace has run out of face masks, hand sanitizer, and gloves, and has confirmed Covid cases.

Covid-19 Survivors (03:48)

A woman gets in line at a Covid testing site. Cat G. contracts Covid-19 while pregnant with twins and they deliver early. Individuals celebrate weddings, birthdays, holidays, and funerals differently. Religion provides comfort to many; churches hold outdoor services.

Safety Concerns (02:46)

Allison A. learns that x-rays for a patient on her non-Covid transport truck reveal potential signs of Covid. Mario C. and some of his coworkers stage a walkout. Cat G. is in recovery at home; she watches live feed of her twins in the hospital.

Community Support and Employment (03:22)

Volunteers make surgical gowns and masks for frontline workers, deliver food, and provide water. Mario C. quits his warehouse job to become a truck driver. Individuals worry about job loss, lack of income, and business closures.

Family Struggles (03:20)

Allison A. misses her son; Preston worries about his parents and is angry. Cat G. and her husband prepare to bring the twins home from the NICU. A 78-year-old woman's husband contracts Covid and dies.

Coping Mechanisms (04:41)

Music, art, and creativity help people cope during the pandemic. Mario C. starts his new job. Allison A. is frustrated with the trajectory of the pandemic. Cat G. and her husband bring home their babies. Individuals reflect on the future.

Credits: In This Together: A PBS American Portrait Story (00:30)

Credits: In This Together: A PBS American Portrait Story

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In This Together: A PBS American Portrait Story

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Through personal stories, photographs, and videos, people across America share their firsthand stories of how the global coronavirus pandemic has affected their lives, our nation, and how it has brought us all together.

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