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Introduction: Decoding COVID-19 (02:12)


Scientists search for a way to treat those afflicted with the coronavirus and create a vaccine to protect the healthy. Some asymptomatic individuals shed the virus before becoming ill. COVID-19 is infectious. (Credits)

Wuhan Outbreak (03:46)

A mysterious illness erupts; symptoms include fever, dry cough, and sometimes severely compromised breathing. Scientists worry that COVID-19 jumped from an animal to a human and then spread. Chinese scientists publish the entire genome of the mysterious pathogen.

Coronaviruses (02:33)

The viruses have protein spikes that lock into cell receptors and replicate. Other virus types include MERS and SARS. The human genome sequence contains fragments of viruses.

Coronavirus Spreads (04:20)

Liu Qi reflects on his illness and how medication made him worse. The immune system watches for invading viruses and bacteria. The coronavirus reaches Thailand, South Korea, Japan, and other countries.

New York City: Outbreak (08:32)

George Brown attends basketball games and a play before becoming ill. The coronavirus can remain on surfaces for up to three days or linger in the air for a short time. The virus attacks lung cells and the immune system fights back; some patients require ventilators.

Virus Spread in America (02:43)

Jeffrey Shaman studies how the outbreak might evolve. Without control measures, 75% of the population will be infected by the end of summer. Matthew Lebow worries he infected his grandfather. Restrictions cause unemployment, a lack of food security, and economic consequences.

COVID-19 Immunity (04:43)

Galit Alter studies antibodies to determine who has immunity to COVID-19. Most commercial tests detect whether there is a presence of antibodies, not the level. People who have a threshold that gives complete protection from the disease will be allowed to reenter society.

COVID-19 Recovery (03:43)

Transferring the plasma of immune individuals to those who are sick is an old practice; Qi donates blood. Hospitals see patients of every age; severe illness is less common for people under age 65.

Severe Illness Treatment (04:08)

At a Level 4 Biosafety Laboratory, Robert Davey studies drug compounds that might disable the coronavirus. The National Institutes of Health announces that Remdesivir might help severely ill patients recover a few days sooner. First responders are scared to go home to their families.

Vaccine Quest (07:47)

Vaccines are weakened viruses that trick the immune system into believing it is being infected so it will create a response. Rhiju Das attempts to fold the molecules into a more stable shape. Dan Barouch hopes his stage one vaccine clinical trial will start in September.

Changing Behaviors (07:30)

Qi notices more people outside in Wuhan; residents must use certain apps to enter or exit buildings. Those exposed to COVID-19 are denied entry until after a seven day quarantine. Infection rates continue to rise in the U.S.; Apple and Google develop software that tracks exposures.

Credits: Decoding COVID-19 (01:41)

Credits: Decoding COVID-19

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