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Labor Coach (02:48)


In the U.S., teenagers account for one in nine mothers giving birth. Loretha Weisinger nurtures teen mothers.

Project HOPE (03:12)

Weisinger works at Marillac House, in Chicago; the community is impoverished and doula service is free. She reflects on her experiences as a teen mother. Weisinger looks for teens who need help.

Parenting Class (06:03)

Teen mothers discuss experiences with their parents. Weisinger brings clothing and speaks with pregnant teens. Renata experiences pain and Weisinger takes her to the hospital.

Prenatal Class (04:13)

Teen mothers learn about nutrition and reading to their babies. KyKy discusses cravings and family expectations; she talks with a doctor about birth control at a wellness check.

Teen Discussions (05:07)

Weisinger discusses sex during pregnancy and vital signs during labor. She reflects on helping teen mothers find their voice. Weisinger and her coworkers discuss the age of the pregnant girls and some of them using drugs.

Wellness Checks (04:25)

Weisinger and Peggy Brewer visit pregnant teens, including one who recently went to the hospital for false labor. Weisinger reflects on her experience as a teen mother and visiting the girls at their homes.

Teen Mother (07:01)

Shameeka, 19-years-old, has three children and is pregnant with her fourth; she plans on having a natural birth. She and Weisinger discuss birth control and practice visualization techniques. Later, Shameeka gives birth to a daughter.

Life Balance (03:20)

Weisinger struggles with the inability to slow down and stress. She has four children and ten grandchildren. Weisinger discusses familial patterns and responsibility.

Shameeka's Postpartum Visit (02:43)

Weisinger and Anita Moss visit Shameeka and her children. They work with teen moms on communicating with their newborn babies. Shameeka reflects on her labor experience.

Bonding (03:11)

Weisinger arrives at West Suburban Hospital while KyKy is in active labor; KyKy gives birth to a daughter. KyKy decides to breastfeed and Weisinger tries to convince the father it is best.

Partnership Struggles (06:07)

Weisinger educates Je'Taun on breastfeeding and labor techniques. Je'Taun's living situation constantly changes and she has conflicts with the baby's father. KyKy learns she has gonorrhea and ends her relationship with her boyfriend. Weisinger and Mary Cossom perform a home visit.

Labor and Delivery (06:16)

Marillac House hosts a Halloween celebration for teen mothers and their children. Two weeks later, Je'Taun goes into labor. The nurse performs an episiotomy and Je'Taun gives birth to a daughter. Weisinger helps her bond with her baby.

Je'Tuan's Postpartum Visit (02:37)

Weisinger visits Je'Taun and her daughter. Je'Taun reflects on her labor experience and discusses her program plan.

Teen Mothers: One Year Later (01:09)

Je'Taun has a GED, is a nursing school graduate, and is looking for a job. Shameeka is now the mother of five. KyKy attends college to become a teacher. Weisinger continues to mentor teen mothers.

Credits: A Doula Story (01:44)

Credits: A Doula Story

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In this program by Danny Alpert, a woman of remarkable magnetism and complexity, Loretha Weisinger, returns to the same disadvantaged neighborhood where she once struggled as a teen mom. She uses compassion and humor to teach the young mothers-to-be about everything from the importance of breast-feeding and reading to their babies to the practical details of communicating effectively with healthcare professionals. Loretha has been a community doula for over ten years and knows that pregnant teens need guidance and education, not judgment or pity. In the face of overwhelming challenges — from absentee fathers and drug addiction to the disparagement of society — this documentary reveals how one person can make a difference in the lives of young mothers and their babies.

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