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Introduction: My First Day at School: Early Life (01:14)


During Songkran, adults and children douse each other with water. This episode will follow three children as they approach their first day of school in Chiang Mai.

Child Behavior (02:56)

Sita plays Songkran with adults; culture and biology affect behavior. Sita attends a private multi-lingual preschool. Best's family worries about his behavior. School is a new experience for tribal families and Tanakun.

Rite of Passage (03:22)

Parents must prepare their children to transition to primary school. Research like facial processing is culture free. Cultures interpret childhood differently.

Educational Policies (06:00)

Japanese children are taught to handle their own problems and disagreements. Preschools in different countries target different goals. There is no universal best practices; early education is based in cultural opinions.

The Day Before School (02:40)

Best's father purchases supplies. Sita has a temper tantrum about going to school. Tanakun attends a boarding school run by Christian missionaries.

Child Rights (04:09)

In 1989, the United Nations adopts a rights-based approach for every culture. The main argument is there cannot be a guaranteed return on investment. Critics argue that the West could impose their views on childhood.

The Big Day (04:25)

Best and Sita are excited to attend school. Tanakun does not speak much or make friends due to the language barrier. Teachers discuss goals for the three students. Educational policies neglect early education.

Credits: My First Day at School: Early Life (00:29)

Credits: My First Day at School: Early Life

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My First Day at School: Early Life

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Three children face their first day at school, but are their lives already set on different courses? Scientists suggest that how the brain develops in the first years of life may affect children's ability to prosper at school. Our film follows three children as they prepare to enter primary school in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Their dilemmas reflect those of Thailand as a whole: how can a country with its own traditions of childhood prepare its kids for the new globalized society? In extreme cases, brain chemistry is disrupted irreparably by a poor start in life. What’s the best way of making sure that all children have a decent chance on their first day at school?

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