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Introduction: Not a Boy, Not a Girl (01:05)


This video highlights individuals who do not conform to gender norms. Olivia identifies as non-binary. Riley does not identify as male, female, or non-binary. Dakota is off the gender spectrum. Audrey is non-binary and queer.

Olivia Purdie (02:23)

Society tries to place people in boxes. Olivia's mother Jane Russo recalls Olivia first questioning gender identity and discusses Olivia's gender dysphoria diagnosis.

Gender Dysphoria (06:20)

Olivia's father Justin Purdie considers Olivia's maturity. Dr. Georgie Swift explains assessing young people, using pronouns, and aspects of gender dysphoria. Olivia recalls a girl asking if Olivia was transgender.

Audrey Mason-Hyde (02:47)

Audrey speaks about gender identity before a live audience, Audrey's mother Sophie Hyde recalls fearing backlash. Audrey states that being non-binary is not a choice.

Non-binary and Queer (05:18)

Audrey's father Bryan Mason reflects on Audrey's maturity and understanding non-binary. Expression is not part of Audrey's identity. Audrey and Olivia are friends; they discuss school situations.

Riley McLean (03:09)

Riley reflects on questioning gender identity and performing female roles. Theater allows Riley to be more comfortable with gender identity.

Dakota Dunlap (03:52)

Dakota discusses changing names at a young age, coming out, and struggling with depression. Dakota and Riley decorate for a theater party. Riley describes Dakota as a trailblazer.

Women's & Children's Hospital, SA (07:07)

The wait list for gender diverse children has extended to 18 months. Dr. Jemma Anderson examines Olivia who currently takes puberty blockers. Experts discuss risks and benefits of puberty suppression.

Supporting Gender Identity (02:48)

Audrey reflects on puberty blockers, people changing their bodies, and identity. Audrey's parents encourage Audrey to be themselves.

Gender Affirmation (05:45)

Riley and Dakota share similar experiences; medically transitioning was necessary for their mental health. Some people choose hormones, surgery, or both. Riley and Dakota reflect on being non-binary.

Inclusion (04:03)

Audrey attends Glenunga International High School and co-captains the LGBTIQ+ club; Audrey wants to change the world. Teachers encourage students to be themselves. Film participants reflect on the focus of gender and acceptance.

Credits: Not a Boy, Not a Girl (00:32)

Credits: Not a Boy, Not a Girl

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Meet young Australians who do not identify as either male or female to gain an understanding of their lives and experiences.

Length: 46 minutes

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