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Free Speech in Action (04:18)


Beijing threatens greater control measures on Hong Kong citizens after promising limited autonomy. Taiwanese nationalists need to fight Chinese oppression. Freddy Lim is a member of Parliament and lead vocalist for heavy-metal band Chthonic.

Disinterest in Reunification (04:39)

The Taiwanese military practices in case of a Communist invasion. Soldiers are drafted into the army; the U.S. promises support. Lim campaigns as an Independent to win another seat in Parliament.

Air Raid Drills (03:16)

Taiwan prepares for an attack from the Chinese Communist Party. People who refuse to follow protocol are fined. The government cannot guarantee peace will last and Beijing threatens Taiwan with destruction.

Disinformation Campaigns (03:37)

Some news outlets with ties to China report that reunification is inevitable and attempt to brainwash the Taiwanese; officials worry that citizens distrust the government. J. Michael Cole explains how Beijing influences the media.

Pro-Beijing Communists (04:12)

Activists support the People's Republic of China and reunification. Taiwan is a democracy. An art installation depicts the protester who stood in front of the tanks in Tiananmen Square. Both sides will suffer economically if China invades Taiwan.

Kinmen Islands (05:32)

Tourists visit the site where Chiang-Kai-Shek repelled an invasion from China in 1949. Beijing wants to build a bridge from the mainland but Taiwan declines. Elders believe flying the Chinese flag will lead to peace.

Quemoy (04:07)

Many artillery shells that China shot at the Kinmen Islands contain propaganda messages. Locals worry their island could be given away as a compromise. Pressure mounts as Taiwan wants to assert its independence.

Credits: Death Metal Diplomacy (00:28)

Credits: Death Metal Diplomacy

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Is Taiwan the region’s next and perhaps bigger flashpoint? As protestors in Hong Kong take to the streets to fight the rising power of China, a younger generation of Taiwanese is also confronting an increasingly hardline attitude from its nearest neighbor.

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