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Capuchins (02:49)


Monkeys and apes have the richest social life of all mammals. Capuchins have the ability to identify an opportunity and exploit it; they are inquisitive. David Attenborough identifies several characteristics.

Capuchins: Mangrove Forest (05:55)

The troop searches for food and locates clams. It takes years for a monkey to perfect the skill of opening the shells. The monkeys also gather leaves with insect repellent and medicinal properties.

South American Monkeys (07:25)

Attenborough identifies specialized characteristics of uakaris, saki, spider monkeys, pygmy marmosets, and owl monkeys; learn various food sources and behaviors.

Tamarins (03:57)

Females always produce twins and finding food takes time. The tamarins share food sources and a common enemy with saddleback tamarins.

Howler Monkeys (03:45)

Howlers eat flowers when they are available and leaves all year; digestion takes half a day. Howlers have color vision and an enlarged throat bone that allows loud vocal sounds.

African Monkeys (06:03)

Various types of monkeys share the same forest. Learn characteristics of black-and-white colobuses, red colobuses, saki, and guenons. Attenborough discusses how monkeys avoid predators and communicate.

Toque Macaques (06:08)

The monkeys thrive in the ruins of Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka. Attenborough discusses aspects of their complex society and mating rituals; females are fertile for a short time.

Baboons (07:01)

Climate change causes the primates to search for food in the open. They collect a variety of food and prey on flamingos. Attenborough discusses their complex social structure and primate brain size.

Geladas (04:34)

The Ethiopian primates are the only grazing monkeys; they gather in large herds. Attenborough discusses behaviors, characteristics, and communication.

Credits: Social Climbers (00:57)

Credits: Social Climbers

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In the penultimate episode, David Attenborough looks at monkeys. This group started its life in the tree-tops and this is where we join the capuchin, whose acute vision and lively intelligence helps them find clams in the mangrove swamps of Costa Rica and crack them open on tree-anvils. The swamps are also full of biting insects, but the monkeys rub themselves with a special plant that repels them.

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