Segments in this Video

Video Sharing (03:43)


Itamar Rose creates satirical political videos. YouTube promises to give everyone a voice. Content creators comment on views and content removal. Rose will meet with viral video stars. (Credits)

"Double Rainbow" (05:47)

Yosemite Bear discusses why he uses YouTube and becoming famous. He offers Rose advice for going viral. Jimmy Kimmel is the gatekeeper for Bear's video.

Video Copying (04:10)

In Hollywood, Rose asks for opinions about his letter to Ellen DeGeneres before leaving it at her gate. To go viral, Rose believes he needs to create videos without meaning; he films his wife at a petting zoo.

Home Videos (06:53)

Rose recognizes the popularity of children in videos and films his young son; "Baby Hitler" sparks a debate. Rose receives tips from David DeVore, creator of "David After Dentist."

YouTube and Advertising (04:43)

Judson Laipply discusses YouTube's business model. Channels and subscriptions become the focus, creating a new type of YouTuber. Gregory Jackson discusses joining the YouTube community.

"The Lesbian Duo" (06:31)

Bria Kam and Chrissy Chambers offer Rose advice for creating content on YouTube; work is continual. Creators make connections with viewers and influence consumer behavior. Rose uses a headcam to video his life for 24 hours.

"Life From My Eyes" (02:05)

Content creators must make a minimum of three videos a week. Rose considers how to increase his number of subscribers.

YouTube Space (05:12)

Rose needs 5,000 subscribers to gain access to the studio and obtains fake views with the help of BlackHatWorld. In studio, he watches Karim Jovian's large budget production and receives advice.

YouTube FanFest (09:28)

Fans gather to celebrate their favorite content creators. Rose realizes videos are a business and attends the Vidcon Industry Conference in Amsterdam. Experts discuss algorithms, and children and the media.

YouTube Boycott (06:20)

Large companies threaten a boycott after advertisements appear before inappropriate content. YouTube removes ads from millions of videos and deletes millions of videos and channels, angering content creators.

YouTube Shooting (04:32)

Nasim Aghdam shoots four people and kills herself at YouTube's headquarters; all her videos are removed from the platform. Jackson discusses YouTube's monopoly. Rose plays videos on the streets of Tel Aviv. (Credits)

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100 Million Views

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With dark humor and caustic wit, 100 Million Views uncovers the truth about a platform that promised transparency and democracy, but hides an exploitative, censored and unaccountable underbelly. After years making Youtube videos without success, Itamar Rose sets out to discover the secrets of what makes a video go viral. Along the way he meets with YouTube stars past and present. Itamar’s mission pulls back the curtain on an industry where even the viral success stories begin life with views bought from ‘click farms.' YouTube stars fall by the wayside, exhausted by the demands to constantly create and ‘feed the beast’ or disappear from the rankings, and Itamar himself is ejected from a YouTube event for asking difficult questions. While Itamar’s journey takes him into the heart of the YouTube machine, difficult questions emerge about how this platform that was supposed to give everyone a voice, has evolved.

Length: 58 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-64867-990-2

Copyright date: ©2019

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