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Introduction: Inside Italy's COVID War (04:14)


Doctors and nurses risk their lives to help patients afflicted with COVID. Dr. Francesca Mangiatordi searches for available beds. Every ward at Cremona Hospital is full; the ER doctor must choose between patients. (Credits)

Patient: Cristel (04:23)

The 30-year-old mother of three worries about infecting others. She has been diagnosed with pneumonia, but the doctor believes it may be COVID. Dr. Mangiatordi determines one of her lungs is no longer functioning; her COVID test will come back positive.

Health Care Workers Struggle (04:13)

Doctors do not want to make a decision on whether to intubate. Dr. Mangiatordi returns home to her family; Michele Mangiatordi suffers from respiratory issues. Italy has more people with COVID than China.

Patient: Mattia (02:45)

The 18-year-old is intubated and in the ICU; his lower lungs are inflamed. Death is normal after a certain age, but death at a young age is heartbreaking. Dr. Mangiatordi's mask breaks.

Large Loss of Life (03:47)

Dr. Mangiatordi's mother asks her to come for Easter; her father suffers from dementia and rarely leaves the house. Approximately 14% of those with COVID are front line health workers. Cremona Hospital admits a patient with a brain bleed.

At Risk Medical Personnel (03:29)

Dr. Laura Bocchi describes troublesome symptoms; her swab comes back positive for COVID-19. She isolates from her son and husband, and discusses her fears.

Virus Peak (05:13)

The pandemic is the worst global crisis since World War II. Dr. Mangiatordi learns that another colleague has COVID-19. Damon Mangiatordi does not worry about his mother and compares her to Captain America.

Intensive Care Unit (01:49)

Cristina Pilati has lost count of the patients who have died in ICU. Mattia's mother asks the doctors and nurses at Cremona Hospital to take care of him.

Self-Isolation (05:09)

Dr. Bocchi writes a list of rules and tapes them to her door. Dr. Mangiatordi advises Dr. Bocchi to avoid in person with her son and husband. Staying at home is not useless.

Mattia: Day 10 in ICU (04:16)

Mattia's CT Scan looks better and he is awake. The 18-year-old video calls his mother.

Death Toll (03:16)

Experts believe the COVID epidemic is declining in Cremona. Dr. Mangiatordi celebrates the fact that the hospital has 11 available beds.

Reopening Italy (02:12)

The World Health Organization will release guidelines for countries that want to ease lockdowns. Damon worries he will never return to school. Dr. Mangiatordi rests before her night shift in the ER.

COVID Recovery (04:03)

Mattia describes sending texts and giving his phone to the doctors before being intubated. There is a moment of re-birth when patients come out of a coma.

Seven Weeks of Lockdown (02:58)

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announces that public parks will reopen and people can visit relatives. Dr. Bocchi returns to work and reunites with her family after a month of quarantine. Cristel makes a full recovery. Over 30,000 Italians have died from the virus.

Credits: Inside Italy's COVID War (01:01)

Credits: Inside Italy's COVID War

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Inside a hospital battling COVID-19 in Northern Italy, doctors make life and death decisions. This is an intimate, exclusive story of one besieged ER doctor and her staff and patients, from the darkest days to the signs of hope.

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