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Mayor of Stockton (02:20)


Michael Tubbs listens to rap as he works. Every conversation and interview begins with his age. Some of his best friends are incarcerated or dead.

Stockton, California (03:11)

At the time of Tubbs' election, Stockton has one of the highest rates of poverty, foreclosure activity, violence, and illiteracy in the country. The mayor discusses why he decided to run for office in 2012.

Reinvent Stockton Foundation (03:29)

Programs include Advance Peace, Universal Basic Income, and Stockton Scholars. Tubbs gives a speech at the University of Pacific. Amy Castro Baker discusses the UBI initiative.

Homicides (02:36)

Julius Battiste is one of three people shot in the Weston Ranch neighborhood. During a town hal meeting, Tubbs, the police chief, and council members address concerns about the rising rates. Tubbs discusses what it takes to commit murder.

Advance Peace Progress Meeting (07:41)

Organizers strategize how to effectively address conflict within the community. The privately funded program hires convicted felons to reduce gun violence in Stockton. Raymond Aguilar discusses committing a homicide and mentoring at-risk youth.

Tubbs' Family (05:34)

Michael Tubbs Sr. is incarcerated at DVI State Prison. Racole Dixon discusses being a mother at a young age. Anna Maliaka Nti-Asare-Tubbs discusses her background and wedding.

Stockton Scholars (04:09)

Tubbs speaks at two program rallies. Evan Spiegel from SnapChat donates $20 million in scholarship funds to high school graduates seeking a college education.

Stockton Scholars Program (03:51)

Isiah "Zay" Evans discusses his relationship to the mayor, Lavelle Hawkins, and gang affiliations. His parents want him to attend college.

Response to Injustice (03:15)

Tubbs reminisces about high school, rebelling, and being one of two African American males in the International Baccalaureate Program. His father discusses his affiliation with the Bloods and becoming a drug dealer. Jasmine Dellafosse hopes to eliminate the school to prison pipeline.

Teen Mothers (04:09)

Evans and Joy Almendarez sign up for a program hosted by Tubbs. Kendra Banks describes her reaction to learning her girlfriend was pregnant; Eugenia Nunez Coilton wants her daughter to complete high school. Tasha Dixon reminisces about educating Tubbs.

Midterm Elections (04:05)

Volunteers canvas Stockton in the hope of gaining votes for the school board. Stacey Abrams and Andrew Gillum lose their elections. Tubbs remains silent when geting his haircut so he can listen to the people.

Prison Visiting Day (04:57)

Tubbs discusses visiting his father in jail. During the Trump era, negative posts receive likes and shares, making it difficult to get out positive messages. Tubbs hires security to attend city council meetings and Brenda Vazquez announces a recall petition.

Public Events (02:09)

Tubbs addresses the media at a Stockton Kings game, participates at the Biennial Homeless Count, and opens the local Amazon Fulfillment Center. Creativity and collaboration are necessary to fight crime and poverty. Labor unions and conservatives fight the Universal Basic Income Study.

Stockton Scholars Signing Day (03:27)

Tubbs speaks at the ceremony for the first group of participants. Rogelio "Junior" Vivero plans to major in photography at college and return to teach in the community; his father works two jobs to pay the bills.

Addressing Eighth Grade Students (03:39)

It is a young person's responsibility to overcome obstacles. Tubbs admires junior high school teachers; many of the first Stockton Scholars attend Anthony Rodriguez's class. Tubbs' wife is pregnant with their first child.

House Arrest (07:30)

Evans must wear an ankle monitor but can attend school. Hawkins, Aguilar, and Dellafosse advocate for the high school senior. Tubbs, Sr. discusses his last crime. Evans appears before a judge to learn whether he will be tried as an adult.

Triple Homicide (03:42)

Three people Tubbs mentored, Tiffany and David Connery and Remilio Castillo-Rivera, are victims of homicide. Eric Jones, Raymond Aguilar, and Cristian Cregg attempt to prevent retaliation. Students hold a memorial service at Franklin High School.

Advance Peace (04:42)

Program members want to heal the community by sharing experiences and regrets. Women can plant seeds that will generate male offspring. Tubbs' wife helps release a report that compares females in Stockton to other communities. Seed income recipients share how they spent extra money.

Stockton Informs National Policy (03:06)

Vivero feels he must complete college in honor of his father. Joy Almandarez plans on attending junior college for two years and then continuing to university. It is difficult to be a young African American male in Stockton.

Edison High School Graduation (03:52)

Tubbs speaks at the ceremony and commends Almandarez for attending college as a single mother. Vivero walks the stage. Tubbs Sr. writes a memoir; he is not eligible for parole until 2025.

Starting His Own Family (05:54)

Racole Dixon speaks at the Tubbs' baby shower; Anna gives birth to a boy. Evans accepts a plea deal after the judge decides to charge him as a minor. Common participates in a city council meeting.

Credits: Stockton On My Mind (01:17)

Credits: Stockton On My Mind

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Stockton on My Mind is a multi-layered story of millennial Mayor Michael Tubbs, whose own experience growing up amid poverty and violence inspired him to create innovative change in his beleaguered hometown of Stockton, California. Born to a teenage mother and an incarcerated father, Tubbs felt society destined him for either prison or death. Defying expectations, at the age of 26, in 2016, he became one of the youngest mayors of a major American city and Stockton’s first African American mayor. The film follows Tubbs’ efforts to reverse the fortunes of a city known as one of the poorest, most violent, and least literate in the nation.

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