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Kashmir, India (03:55)


In 1989, insurgency and the government's response lead to extreme violence. Approximately 10,000 men have disappeared, and women struggle in a time of uncertainty.

Missing Son (07:57)

Parveena Ahangar describes her son Javed's disappearance and looks through family photographs. She recalls sitting on the roads of Batmaloo, fighting her case in court, and seeking divine intervention. Twenty years later, Javed remains missing.

Missing Husband (05:22)

Rafiqa Begum discusses the 20 Rajasthan Rifles battalion raiding her home and taking her husband Mushtaq in 1997. She works as a daily wage laborer and refuses to remarry. Rafiqa learns about Parveena and the APDP.

Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (06:16)

Parveena discusses starting the APDP, police harassment, and taking the cases to Europe. Women share stories of their loved ones' disappearance and their struggles.

First Information Reports (04:46)

Parveena examines Taza Begum's legal papers; few people obtain a missing person's report. Women share their stories of loss and publicly protest.

International Efforts (04:03)

Parveena review's Javed's file and discusses taking the APDP into other countries; seven cases go to the International Court of Justice. In 2005, she receives a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. Parveena continues to fight for the missing.

Credits: Broken Memory, Shining Dust - Loss and Hope in the Land of Disappeared (01:07)

Credits: Broken Memory, Shining Dust - Loss and Hope in the Land of Disappeared

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Broken Memory, Shining Dust - Loss and Hope in the Land of Disappeared

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The film is about the extraordinary journey of Kashmiri women torn apart by their tragic circumstances. It is a story of loss, separation, pain, anger, helplessness as well as of hope, faith, grit and determination of some such women as they continue to wait for their loved ones who went missing in the conflict ridden valley of Kashmir, India.

Length: 34 minutes

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