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Introduction: Maria Ressa (01:40)


Maria Ressa and Rappler face several criminal charges after critiquing the Philippine government. Ressa is internationally renowned and Time Magazine's Person of the Year.

Government Target (06:53)

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte wants Ressa incarcerated; the Human Rights Watch labels Duterte's war on drugs a human rights violation. Ressa reflects on truth, criminal charges, and death threats. The Duterte Administration denies targeting Ressa and any weaponization of the law.

Ressa's Background (05:30)

Ressa grows up in New Jersey and attends Princeton. She returns to the Philippines during the revolution in 1986. She works at CNN for nearly 20 years before founding Rappler. Ressa reflects on becoming Duterte's target and recognition from "Time" magazine.

Rappler and Social Media (08:43)

Over 90% of people in the Philippines are active Facebook users; Rappler begins as a FB page. Ressa's news organization becomes a FB fact checker. She reflects on being a modern journalist, technology, regrets, and motivation.

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Maria Ressa

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Maria Ressa is a journalist under fire, fighting for freedom of the press and her own battle to stay out of jail, on why she’s going against Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

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